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Indoor Painting Tips and Techniques

Indoor Painting Tips and Techniques

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. To Avoid Lap Marks”, Roll the Full Height of the Wall and Keep a Wet Edge.

Lap marks are those unsightly stripes triggered by unequal layers of paint accumulation . When you roll over paint that ’ s currently partially dry, they take place. (In warm, dry conditions, latex paint can start to stiffen in less than a minute! )With these pointers discover how to paint interior walls.


The essential to preventing lap marks when discovering how to paint interiorwalls is to preserve a “ damp edge, ” so each stroke of your roller overlaps the previous stroke prior to the paint can start to dry. Here are some painting suggestions:

. To preserve a damp edge , start near a corner and run the roller up and down the complete height of the wall, moving over a little with each stroke. Move backwards where required to level thick areas or runs. Don ’ t let the roller ended up being almost dry; refill it typically so that it ’ s constantly a minimum of half packed. Keep the open side of the roller frame dealing with the location that ’ s currently painted. That puts less pressure on the open side of the roller, so’you ’ re less most likely to leave paint ridges when doing DIY wall painting. .

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Indoor Painting Tips and Techniques

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