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If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Now

If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Now

By Bruce Fletcher

You love sports; it’s your passion. The crack of the bat on the ball, the excitement of seeing the free throw score the winning point, or that thrill of watching someone get a hole-in-one.

Maybe you’re not a professional athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. There are lots of careers in the sports industry, and one of them may be just right for you.

Walkaway NFL has some tips and ideas for you that they think might help you fulfill that dream. So instead of spending money on NFL tickets, invest in your career!

Start Your Own Sports-Related Small Business

Bounce house rentals have soared in popularity in recent years and are almost everywhere you look – at birthday parties, local community events, and corporate outings. Commercial bounce houses start at $1,400 and run up to over $7,000, but with rentals averaging about $50 an hour, you’ll have to be ready to wait for it to become profitable.

Opening a studio can be a great business right now. The popularity is only increasing from Yoga to Karate and Martial Arts studios. In addition, leasing space in your area may be cheaper than you think. Still, it might be better to convert your garage or another part of your home into a studio first until you’ve built up enough clientele and experience to open your studio in a commercial location.

You might start a business that provides lighting to sports stadiums or become a sports venue lighting engineer. A great way to start learning about this trade is to review industry case studies, such as achieving better control and efficiency with led lights. Working with an established company will give you a clearer picture of what it takes to light up large- to mid-sized outdoor complexes and indoor arenas from professional sports to the collegiate level.

If you’re a good writer, consider becoming a freelance sports writer. This field has many opportunities for writers, including magazine editing, media relations, and event coverage. In addition, freelance writers have more freedom than their full-time counterparts because they don’t need to adhere to strict deadlines or any specific company’s vision of what they should write.

Whatever your business goal, you’ll want to give back to your community by devoting some of your earnings toward raising funds to support local sports teams and their venues. You can also help sponsor your favorite local teams to raise money to help them have better lighting, flooring or turf, equipment, uniforms, or whatever else they need to be at their best.

Careers in Sports

Earning your degree in sports management can open a wide variety of options for you, from an agent to a community event manager. In addition, you can make your sports management degree online while continuing in your current job.

Community Athletic Directors provide general oversight, administration, and promotion of an athletic program in a city, town, or community. You may be in charge of creating an entire sports complex in your area.

Or, if you’re great at public relations, you might look at becoming a sports information professional. You’ll be providing statistics, team and player notes, and other information to news media and the general public, keeping track of player information and statistics and developing relationships with members of the sports press.

Sports therapists work exclusively with athletes to treat and prevent injuries associated with playing. Therefore, majoring in a related field like exercise science, biology, biochemistry, or athletic training is necessary for this career.

The sports industry is constantly changing and adapting to new trends, including blogging, podcasting, coaching, and even becoming an analyst or commentator. And careers in sports are fun because they offer the opportunity to be with other athletes who share your passion for your sport.

There are endless possibilities if you’ve been dreaming of a career in the sports industry. Just find your niche and go!

If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Now

the Sports Industry
walkawaynflthe Sports Industry
If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Nowthe Sports Industry
If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Now
If a Job in the Sports Industry Is Your Dream, Make It Happen Now

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