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Giant Scrabble

Giant Scrabble

Giant Scrabble

TUMBLE TOWER! Whether for weddings, tailgate parties, birthday parties, or just a fun afternoon with family or friends you can’t go wrong with this giant version of the classic game. Let us help you design your FUN! We make our blocks slightly smaller than others which reduces the weight of the game

This giant game, however, can be played on the floor indoors or out in the yard. 2 Players (or teams) drop coins in from the top of the board alternating turns trying to get 4 in a row. To win you or your team must be the first to join 4 of your color coins in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally! Simply slide out the wooden bottom bar when finished to release the coins. Store the coins in the game when finished playing.

Giant Matching Game

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Giant Scrabble

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