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Do You Keep A Combat Casualty Kit In Your Go Bag?

Do You Keep A Combat Casualty Kit In Your Go Bag?

A battle casualty package brings essential products that assist in instant medical support for both fight and non-combat injuries.

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.Fight Casualty Kit in Your Go Bag Combat Medical Kit.

I was presented to fight medical packages, as a young kid scout, while dealing with my emergency treatment benefit badge. At the time, among the requirements for the benefit badge was to assemble my own very first aid/casualty package.

My therapist, for the badge, was an active Emergency Medical Technician (EMT.) His enthusiasm for his task and passion to share his understanding was rather apparent throughout the entire procedure.

Not just did I discover which crucial products required to be consisted of in my set, however I likewise got substantial training on how to utilize each tool.

Years later on, I ended up being a United States Marine. As I went through the School of Infantry and other ““ grunt ” associated courses, I started to find out about other elements that I must consist of in my set.

The distinction now, was that a lot of these parts were connected to fight injuries and injuries. Remembering my experience as a young kid scout, I understood that I didn’’ t” simply require to “ gather ” these products, however I likewise required to discover how toutilize them.


Luckily, like a lot of infantry systems, we had an exceptional Corpsman that taught me much of what I understand today.

Once I completed my active service trip and ended up being a civilian, I saved my battle casualty packages and relied mainly on basic emergency treatment sets. I was hectic working full-time along with keeping a jam-packed schedule of college courses.

Even though my enthusiasm was investing days in the field, I had extremely little time to dedicate to it. I would go from time to time, however generally for the advantage of my pet dogs.

For me, there was constantly additional hours at work and the next paper to compose for school. My free time was definitely at a very little.

Once I was made with my college dedication, I had the ability to change my work schedule which permitted me to invest far more time on the path, taking pleasure in nature.

.If I were choosing up right where I left off, it felt as!

Since I had actually constantly dedicated a huge quantity of time to resolving my readiness, I understood that it was time to take stock of all my equipment. It had actually been a couple of years given that I took a look at the contents of all my go bags, specifically my main rucksack.

As I went through the procedure, I was shocked to discover the number of my products had actually ended. There were particular foods, water filters and even parts of my emergency treatment packages, that required to be changed.

As I dug much deeper into my emergency treatment packages, I understood that they were no place near total. These standard, store purchased packages, did not have much of what is required for readiness in today’’ s world.


I occur to take a trip, a fair bit to teach my NTC Method, both in the States, along with Internationally. Something that includes a lot to my convenience and readiness is my Airport Go Bag .

I consist of as lots of products as possible that will assist me bode far better in a SHTF circumstance. When I am away from my house base, there are a couple of products that I think about must-haves.

I have products that will assist me in a self-defense circumstance. I have other products that will secure me throughout an active shooter scenario.

In addition, and some would state most notably, I have an equipment that will permit me to function as a very first responder if things were to truly go awry.

There was a time, not that long earlier, that routine individuals, would take a look at the contents of my airport go bag and consider me a paranoid nut task. With all of the domestic and foreign terrorism happening on a nearly continuous basis, more individuals than ever are not just more accepting of my readiness way of life, however they desire in!

They see the value of resolving their emergency situation readiness, or absence thereof, for them and their households.

We might consider this requirement to be proactive with disgust and pity, believing, ““ Is this what the world has actually concerned ?!””


Ultimately, It definitely doesn’’ t make the job of being prepared, any lesser.

I discussed my Airport Go Bag a bit previously. I desire you to remember that I put this package together so that I can have it with me anywhere! If it can pass assessment at numerous airports all over the world, then I understand that I’’ m excellent to go essentially anywhere. I constantly have to keep guidelines and policies in mind when it comes to including equipment to my travel package.

When it concerns my fight casualty set, I restrict myself to the products that I can bring with me while I am Enroute.

Travel Rules appear to end up being more rigid with each passing day.

When the circumstance permits, I bring as much equipment as I can. When I am limited by travel and/ or security checkpoints, my list is much more selective.

I’’d like to share a few of the vital battle casualty products that I bring with me practically throughout the world.

Here is a list of simply a few of my Casualty/ First Aid Kit:

.1. (CAT) Combat Application Tourniquet View this post on Instagram

A post shared by E1-G07NL (@e1_g07nl) on Dec 28, 2018 at 2:28 pm PST

.While going through my First Aid benefit badge requirements, I was taught to utilize a tourniquet ONLY as a last hope. The time of the tourniquet application must show up on the client ideally on the client’s forehead, in blood if requirement be. This requirement was specified in our benefit badge handouts. This was years earlier and tourniquet applications have actually altered substantially. We understand how to make our own variation of field practical tourniquets. These are far more hazardous than today’’ s commercially made tourniquets.

Combat Application Tourniquets or CAT’’ s are quickly offered and are light-weight. These products ought to have the ability to support a limb for hours without triggering permanent damage.

I keep 2 CAT’’ s with me in my go bag. If you prepare on bring one or more, be sure to invest enough time in practicing with a CAT.

Proper application is vital in order for it to work as planned.

.2. Shemagh View this post on Instagram

A post shared by تجهيزات نظامى و انتظامى (@camping. shop) on May 15, 2019 at 8:36 am PDT

.When it comes to offering very first help, a shemagh might not be the very first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to flexibility, in such a economical and light-weight product, a shemagh is part of my package.

Keep in mind that the shemagh will have a myriad of applications, in addition to its emergency treatment abilities.

You can utilize a shemagh for the following emergency treatment applications:

.Cravat Sling Bandage Splint padding Compress Brace Field Expedient Tourniquet Elevate A Limb.

There appears to constantly be a brand-new usage for a shemagh. In some cases, all that it takes is for the requirement to occur.

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.3. Nitrile Gloves View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Knucklecrack (@knucklecrack) on May 14, 2019 at 7:45 pm PDT

.When possible, #ppppp> Being able to have any type of barrier in between you, pathogens and other pollutants is something to think about. Keeping a number of sets of nitrile gloves, in my bag, is a need to for me.

They will assist to secure me in addition to the client. Nitrile gloves are affordable and light-weight.

I could not consider any reason to not have them in your go bag.

.4. Compression Bandage View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Prosomed (@prosomed) on Jul 27, 2018 at 11:25 am PDT

.A compression plaster from a small injury set will help in stopping blood circulation brought on by distressing hemorrhaging injuries. It can likewise be a gauze dressing to use pressure to an injury.

The compression plaster comes vacuum sealed which keeps it from inhabiting much area in your go bag. When compared to other products in your pack, the truth that it comes in a sealed plan enables it to stay hygienic.

.5. Particle Respirator View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Carlos Balderas (@thecarlosbalderas) on Aug 22, 2018 at 12:33 pm PDT

.A single usage of a particle respirator is low-cost and light-weight. The worth that it includes to my efficiency throughout an emergency situation, makes it a needs to in my casualty package.

The respirator can secure you from dust, fumes and other air-borne pathogens.

What are Pathogens? A disease-causing infection or bacterium.

If you expose yourself to hazardous components and is not able to carry out work, all of your capability and readiness equipment will be worthless. This would include your failure to supply emergency treatment.

The weather condition can likewise contribute in hampering your capability to react in a crisis. It can vary from a sand storm to wind kicking up particles from collapsed structures.

A particle respirator will assist you to run while in these uneasy conditions.

.6. Help Book/ Reference Cards.When it comes to any element of readiness, #ppppp> I am constantly harping on training and how it is essential. When the subject is very first help, training will be the distinction in between life and death.

However, unless you are an experienced physician, it will be almost difficult to deal with all of the conditions that you might deal with in a crisis. Using the right treatment can be almost difficult when we pair our absence of understanding with panic experience in a crisis.

We will not be believing plainly and the specialists might be hours and even days away. Having access to an excellent emergency treatment referral book or cards can go a long method in getting you back on track and bring back focus.

Sometimes, all that you require is a fast pointer to restore the abilities that you found out in training.

Keep in mind that it might be you that needs medical attention. They will require all the aid that they can get if the other members of your household are less knowledgeable than you.

This time, it’’ s your life that depends on it.


Check out this battle casualty reaction set by Coach Helder:

The truth that we require to concentrate on fight casualty sets, as civilians, is something that will never ever agree with me. I’’ m conscious that I would not be doing myself, nor my household, any great if I were to simply pretend that the situations were various.

All it takes is a couple of minutes of seeing any news channel and even simply a look at your Facebook wall, and the realities are plainly validating that we require to prepare most likely now more so than ever previously.

What do you think about these fight casualty package for emergency situation readiness? Share your ideas in the remarks area listed below!


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