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51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize

51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize

Coffee table books are a fantastic way to add a colorful accent or show off your personality through your decor, but there is more to these hardcover books than looking stylish. Did you know that before the arrival of smartphones, coffee table books were used to entertain guests while the host was occupied? While times have changed, these books still hold plenty of appeal—sometimes even more than technology—making them a great conversation starter. From books filled with art history to pages overflowing with silly cats, they still delight readers with snippets of information and captivating photography or illustrations. Here are our 51 favorites!

accessories$77Bob DylanBUY ITArchitecture Coffee Table Book: Celebrating 100 years of editorial success and architecture’s evolution, this coffee table book will guide you though the best pages from the international design authority, Architectural Digest. Not only will it grab your attention, but its simplistic cover will meld well with a variety of color palettes and design styles.

Brandon Stanton$37Bob DylanBUY ITPantone Coffee Table Book: And if you are all about color, Pantone is always a great choice. Matching art, fashion, and products to some of Pantone’s most famous color palettes, this vibrant volume takes you on a journey through the evolution of design and color in the past 100 years.

designer$30Bob DylanBUY ITFrank Lloyd Wright Coffee Table Book: Bring the beauty and serenity of Fallingwater directly into your home. This coffee table book will guide you and guests through Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic creation right in the comfort of your own home. Filled with stunning photography exclusive to this book, along with Fallingwater’s importance to the sustainability movement, this book has a little something for everyone who adores architecture.

living room$48Bob DylanBUY ITInterior Decorating Coffee Table Book: This interior design book won’t just add a touch of luxe gold to your decor, but it is chock-full of inspiration. Its contents are based around the idea that a home’s decor shouldn’t be based around trends—it should be quality and timeless. It teaches how to recognize quality decor pieces by exploring a variety of interiors.

Mick Jagger$34Bob DylanBUY ITInterior Design Coffee Table Book: Sometime all an interior needs is a bit of pattern to be wow-worthy, so why not start with this eye-catching coffee table book? The pages of this patterned beauty are filled with tips on using pattern in the home, as well as home photography that is sure to get the interior design ideas flowing.

New York Times$34Bob DylanBUY ITInterior Design Coffee Table Book: From HGTV to her own network, Joanna Gaines undoubtedly knows her way around interior design. In this book, the queen of shiplap explains how to create well-loved homes that reflect the people that live there. Many reviewers have commented that this book is high quality, with tight binding that will last a lifetime—AKA many home renovations!

accessories$31Bob DylanBUY ITDesign Coffee Table Book: This book will please both new and seasoned interior design fanatics. The pages are not only filled with stunning interiors, but the homeowners explain the inspiration that incited their design journey. Calderone breaks down the interiors detail by detail to explain the different elements at play. Plus, she offers ideas on how to incorporate them into your own space.

Brandon Stanton$24Bob DylanBUY ITThe Kinfolk Home: It started with a magazine of the same name and grew into a design philosophy, Kinfolk is all about leading a lifestyle that embraces slow living. Morning coffee with a book, nights relaxing by a fire, baking on Sunday afternoon… the list goes on. This book explores homes around the world that live by the concept of slow living. Each home has interviews with the homeowner that not only gives us insight into their design choices but the lifestyle aspirations that inspired these choices.

designer$22Bob DylanBUY ITBeautifully Organized Coffee Table Book: A beautiful home is nothing without function! Learn how to make your home more functional and organized with this coffee table book full of captivating photos and advice. This best-seller surpassed many reader’s expectations with its in-depth advice and high-quality build.

living room$50Bob DylanBUY ITArt History Coffee Table Book: Want to add a tasteful pop of pink to your living room? This art coffee table book is a go-to! But this book is far more than an eye-catching accent. It explores over 700 masterpieces, including those from iconic artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. A truly invaluable reference book for any art lover.

Mick Jagger$53Bob DylanBUY ITVan Gogh Coffee Table Book: Speaking of Van Gogh, this coffee table book gathers all his paintings in one convenient place. It’s like a mini art gallery right in your living room! Experience the 871 paintings he made over his 37 years without ever leaving your home.

New York Times$39Bob DylanBUY ITBanksy Coffee Table Book: Moving to a modern-day artist, this black beauty showcases the street art of Banksy. This controversial artist may be called many things, but never boring. And this book is much the same. Encouraging Review: “Great coffee table piece. Learned a lot about his style and some about his choices. Good read, great art.”

accessories$24Bob DylanBUY ITCat Art Coffee Table Book: Or perhaps you prefer art injected with a bit of humor? If that’s the case, then this cat art book is a must! From a cat posing as Mona Lisa to Hamlet reimagined with cats, this book combines history and entertainment. You will get a few chuckles while learning a thing or two. Plus, who can resist picking this up off a coffee table to get a better look!?

Brandon Stanton$17Bob DylanBUY ITCat Coffee Table Book: Get all the cuteness of cats without all the fur tumbleweeds! This simplistic book is overflowing with adorable pictures of cats and their antics. A must-have for any true cat lover.

designer$13Bob DylanBUY ITFunny Dog Coffee Table Book: Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you dog lovers! This dog coffee table book sets itself apart from the crowd with its unique concept. The pages of this book are not only filled with adorable pups, but more specifically, it captures dogs underwater. The perfect combo of adorable and funny.

living room$17Bob DylanBUY ITBlack and White Dog Coffee Table Book: From a dog surrendered to shelter because her family had allergies to a dog who lost his hearing during a drug bust. Traer Scott’s remarkable photographs bring these pups’ stories to life on the pages of this coffee table book. A heartwarming book that will make you go through a range of emotions.

Mick Jagger$40Bob DylanBUY ITBlack And White Photography Book: This collection offers 400 photos that best represent the full spectrum of Ansel Adam’s career. Both aspiring and professional photographers will enjoy flipping through the pages.

New York Times$31Bob DylanBUY ITHistory of Photography Coffee Table Book: Nothing has an elegant feel quite like black and white photography, so if your living room is looking for a bit of refinement, this book may be just what you need. However, this book isn’t just black and white photos. It explores the most iconic photographs and photographers of the past 200 years in both black and white and color. From photo journalism to street photography.

accessories$29Bob DylanBUY ITHumans of New York: Proving that everyone you meet has a unique story, photographer Brandon Stanton walks the streets of New York capturing people and their stories. From adorable meet cues that will make you laugh to heart-wrenching tales that will make you thankful for what you have, this book truly has it all.

Brandon Stanton$35Bob DylanBUY ITBrown Bohemians: Inspired by the idea that stories sculpt our collective narrative, Brown Bohemians captures the essence and voice of an underrepresented demographic—creative people of color. Encouraging Review: “The images, the story the artistry all are so so breathtaking! This book truly hones in on some absolutely stunning people of color defining what bohemian is to them. Because people of color are not a monolith and living a bohemian lifestyle is not a monolith, this book encapsulates a diverse range of ideas, views and lifestyles of Bohemian.”

designer$17Bob DylanBUY ITBeaches Coffee Table Book: Bring beach vibes into your living room even on the coldest of days. This New York Times Bestseller artistically captures beaches from a doorless helicopter, resulting in a collection of unique aerial shots that are brimming with summer bliss.

living room$50Bob DylanBUY ITOcean Photography Coffee Table Book: Dramatic coastlines, barrier reefs, islands, this coffee table book showcases the power and beauty of the ocean. With cutting edge underwater photography that captures everything from playful seals to shy clownfish, this is a beach book you don’t want to pass up.

Mick Jagger$40Bob DylanBUY ITTravel Coffee Table Book: Travel the globe right from the comfort of your couch. Full-color photos, charming illustrations, and overviews are just a what of what this traveler’s guide has to offer. Exploring in your pajamas is optional, but highly recommended!

New York Times$18Bob DylanBUY ITParis Coffee Table Book: You probably knew that Paris is the city of love, but did you know it was so colorful? This coffee table book explores Paris through vivid photography. Arranged by color, you will explore everything from an orange cafe to the red rose bushes in front of a bakery.

accessories$32Bob DylanBUY ITRalph Lauren Coffee Table Book: A biography that is coffee table worthy. This green plaid book looks at the life of the iconic American designer, Ralph Lauren. It tells a story that spans from growing up in the Bronx to creating one of the most recognized fashion brands.

Brandon Stanton$95Bob DylanBUY ITLouis Vuitton Coffee Table Book: Another designer book that we knew had to make our list. Encouraging Review: “Looks absolutely stunning on my coffee table stacked on top of my Tom Ford book. This is a great gift for yourself or a friend!”

designer$31Bob DylanBUY ITChanel Coffee Table Book: Chanel is a seductive and sexy brand that combines tradition, originality, and style in all that it does. From fragrance to jewelry, this book explores the collections and the creations that this brand has birthed. An interesting read with a sleek cover that is true to the brand.

living room$104Bob DylanBUY IT Tom Ford Coffee Table Book: If you are looking for a minimalist coffee table book, look no further than Tom Ford. Its simple black and white cover is great for everything to propping up a vase to displaying on its own. The inside? Filled with tales and photos of the fashion icon, along with a complete catalog of his work between 1994 to 2004.

Mick Jagger$39Bob DylanBUY ITFashion Coffee Table Book : Want some contrast for your coffee table or end table? Pair this book with Tom Ford to create a stack of fashion-themed coffee table books that are sure to catch the eye. This book spans the last 200 years of fashion, journeying the reader through its evolution with stunning photos from designers, photographers, and models. Organized from A-Z for easy reference.

New York Times$26Bob DylanBUY ITFashion History Coffee Table Book: If you want some insight into the black models behind fashion history, this book is a must. This is the first-ever book that celebrates black models. Its pages are filled with revealing essays, stunning photos, and interviews that will inspire and educate.

accessories$60Bob DylanBUY ITVogue Coffee Table Book: Would any collection of fashion coffee table books be complete without Vogue? After all, Vogue has been celebrating fashion for over 125 years. This book offers a collection of the best covers from those years. Think of it like a stack of Vogue magazines, just far less cluttery! Want more Vogue? This book even includes 5 framable prints in the back for an extra infusion of fashion decor.

Brandon Stanton$40Bob DylanBUY ITRolling Stone Coffee Table Book: Speaking of iconic magazines, Rolling Stone has been a leading voice in journalism, music, and cultural criticism for the past 50 years. In this book, they explore music, decade by decade, including interviews and photos from music legends like Kurt Cobain, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan—to name a few.

designer$51Bob DylanBUY ITRock and Roll Music Coffee Table Book: Get nostalgic flipping through this collection of rock covers. Encouraging Review: “Beautiful book, with amazing detail. It is rich, detailed, and chock full of cover art history. My only warning to you is: It weighs a LOT. On the upside, it makes for fun conversation when you give one as a gift.”

living room$17Bob DylanBUY ITMusic Coffee Table Book: Want a 70s vibe at your next party? This book will tell you which records and cocktails to pair with the mood. Learn to set the mood for 70 great records from the 1950s through the 2000s.

Mick Jagger$100Bob DylanBUY ITRihanna Coffee Table Book: From under her umbrella to on top your coffee table. This visual autobiography invites you into Rihanna’s world through over 1000 intimate photographs. It also includes a double-sided poster, perfect for framing.

New York Times$40Bob DylanBUY ITBlack and Gold Coffee Table Book: Stories behind the famous ballet companies, over 70 famous dances like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake, meet and greets with composers and choreographers. This book has everything you want to know related to ballet! A subtle piece of decor to show off your love of dance or a great gift for the dancer in your life.

accessories$70Bob DylanBUY ITFlower Coffee Table Book: Flowers for your coffee table that don’t need a vase! This book has minimal text, with a heavy focus on floral illustrations from a master of botanical illustration, Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759–1840). Encouraging Review: “This book is beautiful beyond description. So much inspiration. I paint florals with watercolor and this book is such a joyful resource.”

Brandon Stanton$35Bob DylanBUY ITPlant Coffee Table Book: This brilliantly curated book guides you through plant life. From illustrated botanical knowledge to how plants work, this coffee table strikes the perfect mix of beauty and inspiration. Plus, you can never have enough plants!

designer$30Bob DylanBUY ITRecipe Coffee Table Book: Food lovers rejoice! This is the coffee table book for you. With its blush pink cover and rose gold lettering, it is as stunning as it is informative. Crack it open and find recipes that will make you glow from the inside out. Makeup artist and beauty consultant Wendy Rowe lays out the vitamins and nutrients you need to feed your skin.

living room$27Bob DylanBUY ITCoffee Coffee Table Book: Feeling a bit quirky? Try the coffee table book about coffee. It explores origins, production methods, and brewing. A piece of decor that will help keep your guests awake while they’re in your living room—no caffeine needed!

Mick Jagger$23Bob DylanBUY ITFriends Coffee Table Book: They’ll be there for you, even on your coffee table. If you are a bit of a Friends’ fact fanatic, this book is an excellent choice. From “We were on a break!” to Smelly Cat, it will take you through the shenanigans from behind the scenes of all 10 seasons. Plus, it also discusses the “hangout sitcom” formula, which inspired so many shows after it.

New York Times$86Bob DylanBUY ITSeinfeld Coffee Table Book: A creation from Kramer on Seinfeld has made its way into the real world. The Coffee Table Book of Coffee Tables is now available as part of a Seinfeld set. A book that is sure to get any Seinfeld fan reminiscing!

accessories$45Bob DylanBUY ITHarry Potter Coffee Table Book: Delve deeper into the Harry Potter universe with The Character Vault. Whether you’re a witch, wizard, or muggle, you will love the never-before-scene photos and illustrations that explore the 8 key characters of the series. A must-have for any Potterhead!

Brandon Stanton$41Bob DylanBUY ITDisney Coffee Table Book: Experience the magic of Disney any time with this selection. Encouraging Review: “This is a pictorial history of Disneyland, and what a visual feast it is. Text is kept to a minimum. Huge double-spread pictures are a delight to see (and there are many of these). Most of the rest of the book is crammed with half-page pictures (with explanatory text). These range from photographs in the park, to designs and artists conceptions. If I never get the chance to visit Disneyland again, this book will bring back happy memories. It has also expanded my knowledge of how the parks came about.”

designer DylanBUY ITtar Wars Coffee Table Books: No matter which side you’re on, you’ll love these Star Wars coffee table books. A fantastic way to display your love of Star Wars while expanding your knowledge. Plus, these books look extra classy, so they can be proudly displayed in the main living area. Wife approved!

living room$27Bob DylanBUY ITGolf Coffee Table Book: A coffee table book that is a hole in one! Travel around the world through vivid photographs to explore some of the most breathtaking golf courses. A fabulous gift for dad or the man in your life—getting something other than socks will probably be a nice change for them!

Mick Jagger$14Bob DylanBUY ITTaschen Coffee Table Book: Looking for some inspiration for your next ink session? This coffee table book has 1000 designs, along with the meaning behind them. An exploration of body art from the 19th century and on.

New York Times$14Bob DylanBUY ITAdult Seek and Find Book: If you loved Find Waldo as a child then this is an excellent option. From scenes of shopping for succulents to brunch with the girls, it has a ton of seek-and-find puzzles that millennials will relate to. Not to mention, its fun colored cover will instantly intrigue guests—it definitely grabbed our attention!

accessories$40Bob DylanBUY ITThe Bible Project Coffee Table Book: A book that will transform the way you see the bible. Encouraging Review: “The Bible Project Book provides a beautiful synopsis of the books of the Bible. The pages are thick and the book is very sturdy. The illustrations depict the stories in the Bible very well and the summaries are simple yet descriptive key events. I would highly recommend this for anyone who wants a general idea of the Bible. I bought this so that I can have a quick and reliable reference of the Bible to share with friends.”

Brandon Stanton$14Bob DylanBUY ITCute Animal Coffee Table Book: And finally if you’re looking for a coffee table book that will please everyone, it is hard to go wrong with this one. After all, who doesn’t love cute animals! Whether you need a turquoise living room accent or just want something on hand to instantly humor guests, this is the book you need. Plus, not only is it universally loved, but it is also budget-friendly, costing under $20.

designer$37Bob DylanBUY ITToy & Character Design Coffee Table Book: With 3 dimensional toys emerging as a decor trend, the Dot Dot Dash! character design book would feel right at home next to any well designed toy or figurine.

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51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize

51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize
51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize
51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize 51 Coffee Table Books to Entertain and Accessorize

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