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Homeowner’s Guide to Home Swing Sets

Homeowner’s Guide to Home Swing Sets

Spring is best around the corner, and if your household resembles numerous in the U.S., you may be preparing to take pleasure in the upcoming enjoyable weather condition near house. For households with children, a yard swing set offers a method for kids to burn some energy while remaining socially distanced and safe.

So numerous kids are investing a lot more time in the house that swing set sales are flourishing. Market scientist NPD reported an 81 percent boost in outside play area devices in April 2020, one month into the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’’ re considering acquiring a swing set, here’’ s what you must understand.

. What Is a Swing Set?

A swing set or outside playset is a structure for kids to use. The most basic swing sets might have simply a couple of swings suspended by rope or chains , while bigger sets might consist of a slide, monkey bars, rope ladders or other enjoyable functions.

.Kinds Of Swing Sets.

There are 3 products for swing sets: plastic, metal and wood. Some integrate all 3.

Sets created for young children are usually made from smooth plastic, appropriate and normally low-cost for indoor or outside usage. Metal, or a mix of metal and plastic, is appropriate to sets that include several swings , slides, gliders and monkey bars. These are likewise a fairly cost effective choice.

Wood, specifically insect- and rot-resistant cedar, is the most costly product for swing sets and playsets. It’’ s the leading building and construction product for substantial, fancy playsets like this one , that includes a clubhouse, climbing up wall , picnic table and sandbox .

Pros and Cons of Swing Sets.

Here are a couple of advantages and disadvantages of swing sets:


They supply a safe location for kids to play outdoors where you can watch on them. They can supply years of outside satisfaction for your kids and their friends. They are available in numerous products, styles and rate points. Many can be set up DIY.


Elaborate swing sets —– like the one your kids most likely desire —– are costly. Wood can rot, splinter and draw in pests; metal can rust or bend; plastic has a low weight limitation. Your kids will grow out of the swing set, after which you’’ ll requirement to find out what to do with it. A swing set is a liability danger in an unfenced backyard . Swing Set Purchase Considerations.

Swing sets vary in cost from about $150 for something fundamental to a number of thousand dollars for a playset with all the whistles and bells. It might come with costly shipment expenses if you buy a big wood playset. These sets can weigh 700 pounds. or more. And if the elements need to be provided with a crane truck, the products will most likely be left in your front backyard or driveway, to be carried to the yard by you.

. Swing Set Installation.

Most swing sets, even the huge playsets, come pre-drilled and with all the hardware you require to assemble them. Whether you pick to put together the playset yourself or spend for expert setup depends upon your DIY abilities.


If you ’ re setting up a big playset yourself, it ’ s likely not a one-person task. Keep in mind too, that you require to prepare a level location to find the set. Leave a minimum of 6 feet of complimentary area on all sides, and make certain there are no overhanging branches or wires.

. Swing Set Maintenance.

The folks at Eastern Jungle Gym advise cleansing, staining and sealing their wood playsets as soon as a year. Wood and metal sets need to go through routine hardware checks to make certain that all bolts are tight.


For metal sets, look for locations where the powdercoat surface might be jeopardized and based on rust, and retouch with enamel paint as required. Plastic swing sets need to be brought inside in winter season, as cold temperature levels may make the plastic fragile.

. Swing Set Safety.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission ( CPSC) states that yearly in the U.S., more than 50,000 kids go to emergency clinic as an outcome of house play area mishaps. A lot of injuries are because of kids falling from the swing sets onto tough surface areas.


Although the majority of swing sets are set up over lawn or dirt, the CPSC states these surface areas are not soft adequate to avoid injury. Rather, they suggest a bed of wood chips, mulch or shredded rubber, or a covering of product made particularly for backyard . They ’ ve released a handbook on house play area security that can assist households through the correct setup and upkeep of a house swing set.


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