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12 Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

12 Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

Do squirrels at your bird feeders drive you nuts? You’’ re not alone. Among the most typical concerns we get is, ““ How can I keep squirrels off my feeders?” ” So we ’ ve assembled the very best suggestions we can discover for squirrel-proof bird feeders. It’’ s not likely you ’ ll ever eliminate these pesky animals totally, however these concepts ought to ought to assist make sure more of the seed in your feeders goes to your feathered buddies.


Plus, here are 13 sure-fire suggestions to draw in birds to your backyard .

. 1. Guideline of 5-7-9.

Generally, squirrels can ’ t dive more than 5 feet up from the ground or more than 7 feet throughout from a tree or structure, and they ’ re unwilling to drop more than 9 feet onto a feeder from above. Put your feeder station with these numbers in mind to prevent most squirrels.

. 2. Baffle Them.

Squirrels are remarkable climbers, even on metal poles. Purchase a squirrel baffle and connect it to the pole to avoid them from going up from the ground.

. 3. Dabble Them.

Feel like having a little enjoyable with your squirrels? Attempt a turning a toy Slinky into a baffle.Thread the post through the Slinky and connect one end under the feeder, enabling it to curtain down the post. If the Slinky touches the ground, reduce it. Squirrels attempting to climb it get a trip back to the ground each time! Have a look at these 25 insane efforts at avoiding squirrels from reaching bird feeders.

. 4. Bird (Feeder) on a Wire.

Suspend your feeders on a wire strung from one pole to another, a minimum of 5 feet from the ground. To avoid squirrels from doing a tight-rope strolling technique, string plastic liter-size soda bottles onto the wire on both sides of the feeders. The plastic bottles roll the squirrels straight off as they approach.

. 5. The Caged Bird Eats.

Invest in squirrel-proof bird feeders including a cage style . They work specifically well for feeders indicated for little birds, like chickadees or finches, and do a great task of staying out the bully birds too.( In locations where squirrels are specifically little, like the Deep South, these feeders might be less efficient. )

. 6. Change Up Your Seed.

Squirrels like most kinds of bird seed, however some folks see they tend to leave safflower seed alone.Birds like cardinals and titmice take pleasure in safflower, so changing the seed in several of your feeders with safflower might assist.

. 7. Choose the Proper Pole.

Wood and metal poles are simple for squirrels to climb up, however it ’ s been kept in mind that PVC or copper piping is more’of an obstacle. Attempt structure your own pole or feeder station utilizing these products.

. 8. Keep it Clean.

Squirrels like to forage for seeds on the ground, and the fragments from your feeders might be attracting them. Once they ’ re in the location, they ’ re sure to attempt to get into the feeders themselves. Keep the locations below your feeders tidy( this is likewise an excellent way to prevent other undesirable insects like raccoons or rats ). Connect a big tray on the pole underneath the feeders to capture the falling seed.

. 9. Spice It Up.

Birds and squirrels taste things in a different way. Birds do not like the taste the heat of peppers, however squirrels sure do.Some individuals swear by completely blending a percentage of dried cayenne pepper into their seeds (a tablespoon approximately to a 10-pound bag of seed). Others argue the pepper can be annoying to birds ’ eyes, so utilize this approach with care.

. 10. Get Fresh.

One often-shared pointer for a squirrel-proof feeder includes hanging a bar of Irish Spring soap in a sock close by. Allegedly, the aroma wards off squirrels and other undesirable mammals. Check out this foolproof technique to avoid squirrels from digging in your potted plants.

. 11. Spin Me Right Round.

Hang your bird feeders from a spinning hook, or look for specialized feeders developed to spin squirrels off.

. 12. Feeding the Enemy.

Sometimes providing squirrels their own feeders suffices to keep them far from bird feeders. Attempt a dried corn cob feeder, or develop your own simple DIY squirrel feeder to use them peanuts.

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