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How to Build a French Cleat Tool Storage Wall

How to Build a French Cleat Tool Storage Wall

 french cleat tool wall what is a french cleat?

.What is a French Cleat?

French cleats are an innovative methods of hanging almost anything. Mating 45-degree bevels—– one on the wall, the other on the tool holder—– interlock to form a rock-solid connection. You simply drop the tool holder over the cleat and it’’ s done– completely level, completely strong. No fasteners!

.Size to fit your requirements.

Our wall is 2 horizontal sheets (a 4 x 8-ft. sheet and a 2 x 8-ft. sheet; Photo 2), with 1×× 2 maple trim (Photo 3). The size of your wall depends upon just how much you wish to save and just how much area you have. The building and construction methods are the very same for any size wall.

.Use the surface to complete sheets prior to cutting.

We prefinished the plywood and trim boards. You need to too, due to the fact that it conserves great deals of time and provides you a smoother surface. You’’ ll still need to coat the cut edges, however that’’ s a lot much easier than completing the whole wall after it’’ s developed. We utilized Varathane Summer Oak and American Walnut stain to produce the light and dark parts. We rolled on the stain with 4-in. foam rollers and after that cleaned it off with cotton rags. Overcoat with a water-based polyurethane.

.A table saw makes the job a lot easier.

The finest tool for ripping the cleats and parts is a table saw. If you wear’’ t have access to one, you can likewise make the cuts with a straightedge and a circular saw. If you go that path, it’’ s worth constructing a devoted straightedge.

A miter saw works well for cutting miters on edge banding and the 45-degree angles on a number of the parts. Flatten the point of each bevel (Photo 4) so they won’’ t cut you or splinter off when you hang your tool holders. You can assemble your tool holders with either glue and 2-in. brads, or 2-in. and 1-1/4- in. trim-head screws.

The tool holders are actually the stars of this task. Take a look at some structure pointers for best tool holders.

.Mount a momentary journal.

 french cleat tool wall short-term journal

Cut one of the wall cleats to width (Photo 4) and after that level it and screw it to the wall studs.


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