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How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

 winterize lawn sprinkler

.Follow the connection treatment.

Close off both valves on the backflow preventer. Get rid of the plug on the blow-out port and screw in a quick-connect hose pipe adapter. Snap on the airline and link the other end to the compressor.

.Compressor set-up.

With a fundamental quick-connect coupling, you can utilize your air compressor to clear water from your lawn sprinkler for the winter season. Simply understand that even the biggest house compressor isn’’ t effective adequate to burn out the whole system at the same time. You can most likely blow it out zone by zone.

If you’’ re into number crunching and you have the initial watering design revealing the gallons per minute (gpm) of each sprinkler head, simply divide the overall gpm of each zone by 7.5. That’’ ll offer you the cubic feet per minute (cfm) you require to blow it out. Otherwise, simply lease a 10-cfm compressor and hose pipe from your regional tool rental.

Set the compressor atmospheric pressure regulator to an optimum of 80 psi for stiff PVC pipeline systems, or 50 psi for versatile black polyethylene pipeline. Turn off the water supply and set the system timer to open simply one zone. Next, open the manual drain valve at the end of that zone (if geared up). Link the air line to the blow-out port as revealed. Link the other end of the airline to the compressor and blow out the line. The heads ought to turn up and spit out water. Detach the hose pipe as quickly as they run dry. Don’’ t overdo the blowout—– without water cooling the plastic equipments, they can melt in less than a minute. Move on to the next zone and permit the heads to cool. Go back and blow out each zone a 2nd time.

Plus: Learn how to set up a watering system yourself.

.Needed Tools for this Project.

Have the needed tools for this DIY task lined up prior to you begin—– you’’ ll conserve time and disappointment.

.Air compressor Air tube Required Materials for this Project.

Avoid last-minute shopping journeys by having all your products prepared ahead of time. Here’’ s a list.

.Quick-connect tube adaptor.

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