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Christmas Yardzee. PERSONALIZED games. Play indoor outdoor. Educational for children, & fun for teens, adults. Giant Lawn Yard Yahtzee Dice

Christmas Yardzee. PERSONALIZED games. Play indoor outdoor. Educational for children, & fun for teens, adults. Giant Lawn Yard Yahtzee Dice

We make giving easy. ~Our elves have been busy this Autumn making our famous Giant wood dice. Your package, will ship out in just 2 to 3 days. Shipped out USPS 2-day Priority.

Grand Opening Sale-abration!
A long-time 5-star BEST SELLER at our other Etsy shop, ~However, beginning November 17th, 2018, these VERY popular GIANT DICE games sets are moved here, to their own shop.
(You can see our 5-star product reviews at the above link.)

Be known as a thoughtful & original gift-giver, and Let the Good Times Roll!
Enjoy EVERYTHING needed to play, not 1 or 2…but 25 of the World's most exciting Dice Games. For ALL of the family or any large or small groups, including several games geared towards KIDS! (Custom colors, personalized bucket makes for a real keepsake and an instant party, simply add people! Or challenge yourself in "solitaire")

We’ve handcrafted 1000s of these dice over the years and have made improvements such as:
DELUXE DOTS: Every dot is HAND-DRILLED, BELOW the wood surface with a ROUND drill bit; (inverted dome shape). Our customers also reap the advantages of dark colored DOTS. (Black dots, just like professional CASINO dice)! This makes for HIGH CONTRAST against the SOLID heart-of-pine wood. (High contrast) really makes an important difference in play, ensuring DOTS’ fast and easy READABILITY. Lastly, our dice are finished with a light amber high end protective sealant; helping highlight the attractive natural beauty of the wood grain patterns. ~We aim for Artisan handmade at its finest.

DELUXE DICE BUCKET: 3 Gallon tough plastic, with a snap-shut LID. (Because 5 gallon buckets are too big, metal buckets are very noisy, AND wood buckets are simply held together with flimsy metal band, & a thin wood bottom).

You can enjoy FREE personalization, on front and/or back of bucket. No Personalization desired? No problem. (Etsy app users, leave personalization request if any, on the checkout page, in the "Note for Seller").

~6 expertly handcrafted 3.5"X3.5" heart of pine dice; coated with exterior-grade wood sealant.
~A "jumbo tossing cup" –>a MUST-HAVE when playing with more than two dice. When not in play, all gaming components fit nicely inside the 11 inch tall, water proof 3 gallon bucket with lid that snaps tightly shut- leave out in the rain/snow, no prob’.
~Both Yatzee, as well as Farkle games (awesome fun), include erasable score cards, for as many as 12 people or teams; & each also include easy instructions that are laminated. (Plus, instructions for “solitaire”, for when no mates are around!)
~A drawstring organza bag encases 3 dry erase markers; AND you’ll like the score cards's hardback clipboard included!
~BONUS-> Instructions & strategies book for 25 of the World's very BEST dice games! The book cover will match your bucket colors & design! (Can also play ALL indoors on carpet, and/or with small dice)! Lastly, 2 BLANK erasable scorecards included for some of the games in 24 pages PROfessionally designed well-made book. (Yatzee, & Farkle, instructions & score cards, are also included in printed book).

DELUXE DICE: Each & every dot is DRILLED by hand BELOW the wood surface with a ROUND drill bit; (inverted dome shape- like real casino dice)! Just say “no” to Chinese factory, unsealed wood dice, & screen printed or heat stamped dots! –ENJOY this artisan-made keepsake for LIFE.

YOU design your bucket, (no worries -it's easy peasy!)

We made it easy to be the presenter of the BEST gift, & look like a million bucks, but you won’t break the bank, with this well-received quality hand-crafted keepsake. -For any and all occasions/genders/adults and/or kids. Each set comes with an option to upgrade gift wrap (found on the checkout page).

Enjoy 25 STRATEGIC THINKING and/or LUCK GAMES, for “all abilities”.
"Unplugged" bonding for ages 4 to 104. AND a chic, useful, thoughtful gaming/storage bucket.

Hurry, add to cart now!

Thank you for supporting small business & Handmade!
Love & light, Regina Rae, bird nerd & star gazer,
from my home wood working studio near the base of Lookout Mtn., in north Georgia
Front of shop:

We'll be happy to sign and include a classy gift tag for you -> if shipping directly to recipients. HOW? Click on "this is a gift" on the check out page, and write your gift tag sentiments there

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