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Surprising Juxtapositions of Mass-Produced Puzzles Produce Surreal New Scenes

Surprising Juxtapositions of Mass-Produced Puzzles Produce Surreal New Scenes


““ Iron Horse ”


Artist Tim Klein benefits from the commonly utilized die-cut patterns for jigsaw puzzles to form hybridized montages that integrate 2 unforeseen images. By thoroughly choosing pieces from puzzles with complementary patterns yet remarkably various topic, he develops wild brand-new visuals. In one montage, an old-fashioned engine replaces an effective horse upper body, while in another, the round shape of an icy-cold beer substitutes the stocky body of a teddy bear toy.

Klein credits Mel Andringa with motivating his own puzzle pursuits, and show Colossal, ““ For me, making use of common, mass-produced puzzles is necessary to the surreal feel of the art work. As I go to yard sales and pre-owned shops looking for classic puzzles, I often seem like an archaeologist finding and ‘‘ rebuilding ’ odd, shattered images whose fragments have actually been suffering in dark boxes on the racks of rural recreation room closets for years.””


Klein, who previously worked as a computer system researcher, resides in Vancouver, Washington. If you like these mash-ups, have a look at Alma Haser’’ s custom-made puzzle develops which integrate and interchange the facial functions from twins. You can see more of Klein’’ s integrated productions on his site . (by means of Kottke )


““ The Mercy-Go-Round (Sunshine and Shadow)””

. artist

““ To Make Much of Time (Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May)””

. computer system researcher

““ The All-Seeing Elephant””

. humor

““ Surrogate ”

Mel Andringa

““ Mountain Plantation””

. Oral literature

““ Thaw( Warm Breath on a Winter Window)””

. puzzle

““ Sphinx ”


““ Daisy Bindi ”


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