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Hey everyone, Aaron Thomas from GameXplain here to talk to you about something near and
dear to my heart.
No, not making fun of Andre spending an hour breaking down a two minute teaser trailer,
though that is one of my favorite pastimes.
I want to talk to you about the top ten big head modes of all time… in history… ever.
There are tons of great games with Big Head Modes – at least 65 according to,
but only the best made our top ten.
Let’s get started with a look at the games that just missed the cut.
Super Pac-Man.
Released in 1982, Super Pac-Man was full of dumb ideas, like no dots.
But it did have one sweet feature: a huge version of Pac-Man.
Is this a true big head mode?
It depends on whether or not you think of Pac-Man as just a big two-dimensional yellow
If so, there’s no doubt that this is the first big-head mode in gaming.
Something which should be celebrated.
Next up is the dreadful Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi for the original PlayStation.
Can you believe that back in the mid-90’s we were so hard up for Star Wars content that
we were excited to see…
Ok, that sounds kind of cool, but trust me, it wasn’t.
But big head mode makes this plodding game somewhat enjoyable because look at the size
of Darth Vader’s helmet!
How come nobody thought of that before?
Oh, fair point.
This game was a dud, with sluggish, button-mashing gameplay.
That’s ok because we’re still able to appreciate for its top-notch big heads.
Release in the United States in 1990 for Turbografx 16, a system which almost nobody owned.
An average platformer, Bonk’s Adventure mainly got attention because of Bonk’s huge
friggin’ head, which is also invincible because if you’re cursed with a giant head
like Bonk’s it stands to reason that you get a stupid super power as well.
He doesn’t even qualify for a big head mode because his dome is big all the time.
Poor Bonk.
The Ratchet & Clank series is known for great running and gunning gameplay, and according
to some reviewers, too much variety that makes you do less-interesting stuff instead of running
and jumping around.
One thing everyone can agree on is that it has been a champion of big-head modes for
years across multiple systems.
The only real knock here is that both Ratchet and his robot buddy, Clank, already have big
ol’ heads, so making them a little bigger just isn’t quite absurd enough.
Uh-oh, get out your pitchforks and send your angry tweets to @GameXplain because Banjo-Kazooie,
didn’t make the top ten.
Or don’t send angry tweets and hear me out.
Banjo’s big head mode is pretty good, but as with many things Rare, you’ve got to
do too much to unlock it.
You’ve got to beat the game, go solve a puzzle, and then go somewhere else to jump
around and enter a code letter by letter.
Sure, your eventual reward is a decent big-head mode, but unfortunately, the juice isn’t
worth the squeeze.
Gears of War 3 rounds out the honorable mention category for part 1 of our look at the best
big head modes ever.
The gears dudes have always had big craniums, but Gears 3 takes things to a whole new ridiculous
This big-head mode looks pretty great, but like Banjo before it, it takes too much work
for the casual player to unlock, as you’ve got to defeat 1,000 hordes to earn your prize.
But hey, we’re here to make your life easier, so enjoy some big-head goodness without all
the effort.
And now it’s on to the top ten best big head modes in history of all time, or whatever
we’re calling it.
Perfect Dark cracks the top ten thanks to passionate tweets from the GameXplain audience.
I was all “it’s too much like Goldeneye” but you guys were all “I love the big head
mode in this game more than my parents,” so good on ya, it’s here.
Perfect Dark’s big head mode is known as DK mode, which like Goldeneye, is an homage
to Donkey Kong, a game noteworthy for everything BUT the size of the bad guy’s head.
Anyway, DK mode gives everyone long arms and big heads, which is ape-like, but I repeat,
does not remind anyone of Donkey Kong.
They renamed it “Monkey Mode” in the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game because fun
is never allowed when it comes to copyright.
But at least now the mode makes more sense!
One of the best things about DK mode in Perfect Dark is that it applies to cut-scenes, which
are absolutely absurd with the crazy arms, heads, and copius amounts of clipping.
On to number 9.
What could it be?
Iii ‘s Turok!
This 1997 Nintendo 64 release places you in the role of an American Indian time-traveling
warrior know as Tal’Set but also Turok.
It’s been a long time since I’ve played, so please excuse me if I get any of the game’s
backstory wrong.
Or don’t.
I think we can all agree that the most important thing about Turok is shooting soldiers in
the face, right?
Just kidding!
It’s about shooting dinosaurs in the face.
Suck it, Blue!
This absurdly fun game gets even more absurd and even more fun with the addition of big
head mode, which lets you, yawn, shoot big-headed soldiers in the face.
Big head mode has been a staple of the series, and fans of capping dinosaurs have their fingers
crossed that it’ll be a part of the next game in the series, whenever god stops being
angry with us and blesses us with more Turok.
Number 8 might be somewhat of a surprise.
It’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.
This series is normally known for big breasts, not big heads.
Perhaps it’s because of Lara’s ever-shrinking mammaries that the developers decided to hook
us up with a fantastic big head mode.
Check this out.
That, is, wonderful.
Let’s see it again.
I could watch that all day.
Does the big head mode make it better?
Let’s compare.
Normal size is great, but big head is where it’s at.
Even people who are bored of stealth will get a kick out of what is essentially a bobble-head
doll stalking their prey through the wilderness.
Don’t like seeing the lovely Ms. Croft with a weird head?
Fair enough.
There’s a big head mode for enemies that should be right up your alley.
Oh look at me, I got a streak of headshots – it must be because of my amazing skills,
not the freakishly huge melons I’m aiming at.
If this mode is so great, and it is, why is it number 8?
Too reasons: first, the cutscenes all show Lara with a normal sized head.
You have no idea how excited I was to see her try to cram her noggin through this tight
What a let down.
But I did get to watch this, so that was cool.
But the main knock against the game is that you must unlock the mode with cards, which
can be purchased via ingame currency, or b , real money.
What’s worse is that these are single use cards, so you’ll have to sped either a lot
of time or a lot of real cash to play this mode more than a few times.
At number seven, we have Naughty Dog’s Jak and Daxter series.
Those of you who grew up with the PlayStation 2 no doubt have very fond memories of this
adventuresome duo.
And hopefully you have equally fond memories of playing through the trilogy with massive
melons, that stay huge even throughout the cutscenes.
The series would be higher, but like Ratchet & Clank, the main character’s heads are
already pretty large and cartoony, so it’s not especially jarring to see them blown up.
Unlessss, you use the small head mode to shrink them down, get used to playing that way and
the bwoooop make those craniums crazy big.
Number 6 is only hear because of its vocal fans on Twitter.
It’s the Timesplitters franchise.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not worthy, it’s just that when I played
these games, I did so with normal heads, which was definitely my loss.
For starters, you can view the big ol’ heads in a character viewer mode, which really gives
you time to appreciate the grande cabezas.
Look at that… just beautiful.
Like Jak & Daxter, there’s also a tiny head mode, which makes the big heads even more
Developer Free Radical was committed to the big heads, which is something fans appreciate.
From the first game in 2000, to the last game in 2005, all of them have let you bust caps
in big-headed baddies.
Hopefully Timesplitters 4, which was announced in 2007 and later postponed will keep the
tradition alive, when, and if it ever arrives.
Before we get to the rest of our list, let’s take a look at some other big heads that didn’t
quite make the cut.
Here’s ESPN’s Lee Corso, who claims to predict the winner of a football game by putting
on the mascot’s head when you and I both know he’s hiding a wild big-head fetish
in plain sight.
We’re not falling for it Corso!
Oh look, it’s Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti from HBO’s Silicon Valley, who manages to
be both the luckiest and unluckiest guy on the show.
Next are the perhaps the most famous big heads in the world: the statues of easter island.
Why’d they build them?
How were they moved?
This isn’t StatueXplain – you’re going to have to google those answers.
Some wacky person on Twitter suggest Funko Pop Heads, so here they are.
The company was quick to embrace gaming culture, and there are lots of big-headed game characters
to choose from.
I both love and am terrified of this cute Kratos figure, which is kind of adorable,
but also manages to look like it’ll climb down the shelves, creep across your bedroom
floor, and shimmy up your sheets to slit your throat while you sleep.
The top three are just ahead, but before we get to the medal winners, it’s time to give
a quick nod to a few more games with big heads that while enjoyable, just didn’t make it
into the top ten.
Aww look, it’s the adorable Spyro the Dragon with a big giant head.
This series has long been a champion of big-headedness, and for that we salute you.
The next game is Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for the PSP.
I can’t think of much better than running around any of GTA’s cities with a giant
melon, but as far as I can tell, this is the only Grand Theft Auto with a big head mode.
Please Rockstar, embrace this mode once again.
Oh my god, can you imagine Red Dead with big heads?
Time for a couple of fighting games.
First up is Mortal Kombat 4 which is absolutely fantastic with big heads.
But the million dollar question is: Are there big-headed fatalities?
You betcha!
Tekken 2 brought big heads to the popular PlayStation series in 1996.
Let’s take a look.
Will Heihachi’s enormous cranium prevent him from powerbombing Nina to end the match?
No chance.
The Lego games got a lot of mentions from you guys, so here’s a look at some great
big heads from Lego Marvel Superheroes 2.
Finally Tony Stark’s physical head matches the size of his ego.
I wanted to give some love to Lego Dimensions, but to unlock big heads in that game, you’ve
got to buy the PowerPuff Girls pack, find a hidden brick, and then spend in-game currency
to unlock it.
Weak sauce.
I want to give a special honorable dishonorable mention to the gang at the Smacktalks YouTube
channel for almost tricking me into including their latest April Fool’s joke into the
top ten.
I was this close until I found it odd that no other games in the series had this mysterious
ego mode.
They used a mod to make this fantastic WWE 2k18 footage and I think it’s safe to say
that next year’s game MUST have freakishly massive heads.
You listening Yukes and Visual Concepts?
And last up is Toad, who, as just recently proven by science (aka, the Internet with
too much time on their hands), has perhaps the biggest head-to-body ratio out there.
Dear lord, why couldn’t Nintendo have just stuck with the story that it was just a big
Now I’m scared of mini-kratos and Toad killing me in my sleep.
Let’s get back to the top 5 before things get worse.
Let’s see if the intro for number 5 on our list brings back any fond memories.
The Tony Hawk series has been a supporter of enlarged skulls since its inception, way
back in 1999.
This game was all about playing over and over, trying to beat your – or your buddie’s
score, so having a big head option was a great way to spice things up on your 400th run through
the warehouse.
I’m always a fan of games like Tony Hawk that let you see and admire the big heads
in a non-gameplay setting.
It’s a great way to enjoy the absurdity.
The 2012 HD remake of the original game was a bit of a disaster, but it did respect the
series commitment to big heads and even made them a part of gameplay with a survival mode
that had skaters do tricks try to keep their heads from inflating and exploding.
For sure.
Number 4 is the O.G. – the game that introduced big head mode to the world: NBA Jam.
It’s hard to explain now how cool it was to roll into an arcade, enter a quick code
and BAM give you’re a big head to stand out from the rest of the noobs, but trust
me, it was cool.
The mode fit in perfectly with the game’s fast-paced, over-the-top gameplay, and for
many, playing without big heads isn’t even an option.
Fun Fact: In 2013, USA Today reported that after an oversize cutout of Charle’s Barkley’s
big head began to appear at game, the Marquette Golden Eagles men’s basketball team had
a record of 33 wins and five loses.
The series made a triumphant return in 2010 and of course original announcer Tim Kitzrow
and big heads combined for wonderfulness like this:
How can you not love it?
Our number three best big head mode ever of all time… in history, or whatever we’re
calling this goes to Batman Arkham City and Batman.
Both excellent games made better with big heads.
Arkham City kicked things off in 2011 with its absurdly over-the-top big head mode, which
can be unlocked at any time with a few button presses.
Not only does Batman get the monstrous melon treatment, so do the game’s bad guys.
Look at how adorably terrifying the Penguin is here.
A .
But things get even better.
Both games carry the big-headedness over into their cutscenes, which makes for a surreal
mix of goofy and terrifying.
Check out the intro to Arkham Knight for example.
Is there more?
You know it.
How about super high quality character models that you can zoom in on and rotate to your
heart’s content.
Woah, take a look at the size of Harley Quinn’s big, round… head.
Come on people.
And finally, you can use the game’s multiple costumes in conjunction with big head mode,
which means you can enjoy a somehow even dorkier version of the original Robin, and an oddly
intimidating Adam West-era Batman wreaking havoc on Gotham’s baddies.
Number two is…
Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64.
Alongside NBA Jam, this game is responsible for making big-head modes popular.
Let’s take a look at why.
Well, for starters, this 1997 game was an introduction to first-person shooters for
many console players.
It was based on the first good James Bond movie in like a decade, and it had fantastic
So we’re already talking about a memorable game before we add big heads to the equation.
Of course, Goldeneye’s big head mode is known as DK mode, which we already discussed
is kind of weird, but I suppose you can’t argue with the oversized heads and ridiculously
long arms.
I some strange way, the game’s low-res, low poly models make the big heads even more
insane, which adds to the appeal.
I mean, look at the faces on the freaks.
How can you not enjoy this?
Any gamer worth their salt will tell you that Goldeneye’s multiplayer was best played
with DK and paintball mode on.
If you were born in the last 20 years, this four-player splitscreen probably looks absurd,
but trust me when I tell you that millions of us spent countless hours in front of a
standard def TV playing this, and we couldn’t have been happier.
The game’s 2010 remake on the Wii of course featured big heads in multiplayer, but unfortunately,
split-screen multiplayer on the Wii just didn’t have the same cultural impact it did on the
Nintendo 64.
Still, its inclusion is appreciated by big-head afficianados.
Now it’s time for the number one greatest big head mode ever… in history.
And it might be a surprise to many of you.
Your eyes aren’t going crazy – it’s Just Cause 3.
Just Cause 3 was the good, but somewhat disappointing follow-up to the surprise hit Just Cause 2.
Yeah it’skinda buggy, the story is dumb, and the framerate is sometimes ugh, but it’s
easy to spend dozens of hours traversing the varied landscape with your grappling hook
and parachute in search of stuff to blow up.
It’s when you pick up the game’s DK Pistol (see, you don’t have to be terrified of
the copyright police all the time), that things get really good.
For the love of god, will you look at the size of Rico’s head?!
That’s just wonderful.
OK, I hear you.
It’s a lovely giant head, but what makes this the best big head mode ever?
Well, the gun doesn’t just make your head bigger… oh no.
It let’s you do Important science
We can use the DK pistol to answer these important scientific questions such as:
What happens if I shoot somebody with the DK Pistol?
A simple test reveals that it inflates their head a bit.
And a little bit more.
And a little bit more.
As with any scientific experiment it’s important to replicate results, which as you can see,
I have done.
Does the large head impart any other characteristics onto its owner?
As you just saw Initial tests in this area resulted only in enlarged heads.
But when a grappling hook is introduced into the equation, things change.
That’s correct, people float like balloons!
Look at this horrible, beautiful guitarist floating along the sea.
What happens when you release the grappling hook?
There’s only one way to find out.
And he’s gone!
What a majestic sight!
Can nuns fly?
Out of respect I’ve only shot the nun in the head once, which should be enough to get
her floating towards the heaven.
A quick grapple, and…
Oh, that’s not good.
Why do I feel like I’ll be answering for this at the pearly gates some day?
Are sports cars and big heads a good mix?
Initial tests were mixed, on account of a metal roof going right through Rico’s head.
Personally, I didn’t have a problem with it, but it didn’t look super comfortable.
I decided to continue the test in the name of science.
Let’s watch.
Final result: Sports cars and big heads are a bad mix for the cars, and a great mix for
the player.
Let’s just go ahead and call this inconclusive for now.
What about jets?
Is it stupid to fly a jet with a giant head?
That’s an oddly specific thing to test, but as I’ve clearly demonstrated, I’m
a man committed to science, so let’s find out.
Ok, I’m going to say that the fit in the cockpit isn’t great for Rico, but he’s
in there, so the test can continue.
Let’s just carefully take off.
Oh that’s bad.
As you can see, the opportunities for insanity are plentiful when the DK Pistol is added
to the game’s already wild gameplay, and this is just what happened when messing around
for 20 minutes capturing footage.
Imagine the possibilities!
Well, there you have it.
I hope you enjoyed this in-depth and extremely scientific look at the top ten world’s best
ever games with big heads.
Please be sure to leave comments telling me what an amazing job I did.
Don’t be shy.
Here, I’ll help you get started: Hey Aaron, that was wonderful!
I enjoyed this video more than my first kiss.
Or something like that.
I’m sure you’ll come up with something good.
Until next time, bye!
For more infomation >> Top 10 BIG HEAD Modes in Gaming (DK Mode Extravaganza!) – Duration: 22:23.
Fate/Grand Order – Summer BB Voice Lines (English Subbed) – Duration: 18:59. To think that I would be summoned, so a human who doesn’t know their place exists too, huh.
By any chance, are you a little pain in the neck who wishes for the life of a piggy?
Just kidding, the reward-like talk ends here.
The Moon Cancer-class BB has come to grant your wish.
Are you prepared to become my toy, Se・n・pa・i?
Dialogue 1 (Ascension 1-2): Oh my~, cute piggy, fouuund.
That “not doing even the daily quests, just idling about in one’s own room and indulging in indolence” style is wonderful.
Later, regret it all you want…
No, I mean, please rely on this BB-chan gifted with both intelligence and beauty, okay?
Dialogue 2: What do I think about Master, was it?
Since I’m an AI supporting mankind.
Whether I’m a Servant or not, I’ll lend Master my aid.
…Yes, whether I’m a Servant or not, you see.
Dialogue 3: Don’t worry. I’m a less restricted than usual BB-chan, but I’ll abide the contract.
Absolute obedience to the superior.
Yes, the power relationship is absolute, isn’t it?
Dialogue 4 (If you have Abigail Williams): Mumu, Yog is here!
Seems like Abigail-san has been through the same journey that I have.
The tentacle motif overlaps too.
However, our dispositions are the opposite.
BB-chan is a cheerful and open little devil
But from what I’ve observed, that girl is an immoral little devil who keeps her own depravity hidden.
Dialogue 5 (If you have Katsushika Hokusai): A collab between a genius painter and an evil god, I’m amazed.
Actually, I have tasted that superior lifeform.
It possesses such a delightful resourcefulness, their evaluation is skyrocketing!
Well, it’s just an octopus, you see.
Dialogue 6 (If you have Mysterious Heroine XX): If Evil Gods exist, something that hunts them will exist too… I see…I see?
Well, she can crush as many of her fellow Foreigners she wants, it’s not like it concerns m…
Eh? You’ll come for me?
Wha~? But BB-chan is nothing but a harmless, lovely heroine~
Dialogue 7 (If you have a Pharoah Servant): If it’s now, could I also join the Pharaoh group or could I not, I wonder…
Even so, if it’s the dark brown skin of egyptians we’re speaking of, then I know a wizard-san that would be suitable.
Well, let’s show some self-restraint here, shall we.
Likes: What I like is the peace of Hawaiiー!
This loveliness, this magma is all for the sake of that after all.
Dislikes: What I dislike? Just humans, you know?
Since I hate them, thoroughly, precisely, taking my time, I want to torment them.
About the Holy Grail: If you’d like, here, take this grail.
If it’s Master’s desire, I can mass produce as many of them as you want.
Look, let’s say I want to fatten you up, first of all.
During an Event: Oh! Event discovered!
I know it’s bothersome, but this is a chance to get a lead on your rival with frequent battles.
BB-chan loves such minimalistic effort!
Bond Level 1: Once again, I give you my greetings.
I am the high-grade AI of the World of the Moon who aids and supports the livelihood of everyone, BB.
This time, I’ll be supporting you in this swimsuit-clad form of mine.
*Giggle* Please, take care of me during this one-summer experience, okay?
Phew! Beach sports are super fun.
Since I usually spend my time as a doctor, moving my body like this is a fresh feeling.
I’m stronger than usual? Was I hiding my claws?
You’re wrong.
This time, I installed a goddess who’s like that, that’s all.
Bond Level 3: It’s wonderful as a resort spot, I am getting sick of all the people.
If it was only me and Master, it would be more fun.
I’d rather turn everyone into a crater-
Ah, no, it’s nothing.
Nothing at all.
Bond Level 4: Give it a rest.
I thought you were aware of my true character, but you’re still using me?
I can’t say I would be lying if I said it makes me happy, but did you notice it already?
If you keep going like this, it will end up in a bad end, you know.
Bond Level 5: *Sigh*… When I saw the chance, I was planning to turn you into a pig and bully you, but my plans have changed.
Since you are a perverted Master with strange tastes, I’ll keep playing at being a Servant for you for a bit longer.
Since I’ll be supporting you diiiligently, please be a good human, okay?
Well, having said that, you’ll still be turning into a pig in the end.
Why, you ask? Goddess Pele’s lover is…
Battle Start 1: A~loha~!
Now then, it’s the beginning of our vacation!
Battle Start 2: I’ll lead you by the nose.
Skill 1: Locked on to the charm of midsummer!
Skill 2: Senpai, please support me!
Skill 3: Please, spare some time for love.
Skill 4: BB~ Channe―l! In Hawa―ii!
Skill 5: Ti―me sto―p!
Command Card Select 1: Yahoo!
Command Card Select 2: Am I a tomboy~? I am!
Command Card Select 3: Chesto―!
Noble Phantasm Select 1: Playtime ends here.
Would you like to see the real me?
Noble Phantasm Select 2: You’re invited to the Crater of Nightmares!
Attack 1: Why you!
Attack 2: Burn, bomba―!
Attack 3: Please, accept this!
Attack 4: Summer Vacation!
Attack 5: Volcano Upper!
Attack 6: Yoh, hah, nakko―![1]
Extra Attack 1: Chance! The goddess of victory is a cruel mistress!
Extra Attack 2: Hey, hey! Piggy Dunk!
Noble Phantasm 1: Come, rejoice
Fufufu, fufufufufu.
Voices in the distance, my shadow covers the world.
『C. C. C. : Cursed・Cutting・Crater』!
Well then, everyone, you’re squished in one go.
I invite you to the horror show!
Mnnnn, I can’t bear it anymoreeee!
Lament. This is the last vacation.
『C. C. C. : Cursed・Cutting・Crater』!
…Just kidding, I’m the lovely BB-chan, after all!
Damaged by Noble Phantasm: Geez, you’re the worst!
Damage: Kyah!
Defeat 1: Kyaa~!
What’s going to happen to the me who’s been defeated!
Defeat 2: Kh, it’s vexing, but I’ll have to withdraw.
I’ll be back!
Victory 1: And thus, the Great Devil BB-chan was invincible even on the beach.
Victory 2: Were you watching, Senpai?
I’m amazing even at hand-to-hand fighting.
The goddess of the island of Hawaii and the personification of volcanoes, BB Pele-chan, suddenly appears.
Purity and innocence are nice too, but this time, I’m like this: a willfull and selfish, cruel and vicious goddess, Pele.
More than before, I’ll be troubling Master-san as much as I like.
Nothing changed in particular this time.
It’s a shame?
I feel disappointed too.
Even though I wanted to change into more, different forms.
At last, I’ve been freed.
Thank you, tiny Master-san.
This is the me who fused together with the Trickster from outer space.
I’m BB Hotep-chan, the formless Moon that drags you into a muddy nightmare.
Well then, friend and foe alike, I’ll drop you all into my shadow.
Dialogue 1 (Ascension 3-4): Oh, my? Is even your mind that of a pig?
Unable to manage even the daily quest, you’re like oversized garbage, aren’t you.
Should I drop you in a special-made incinerator like the trash you are~?
Dialogue 2: This “Master” business makes me laugh.
At best you all are just players.
Before the destiny that is me, you are like leaves being tossed around.
Please, make sure to bear this in mind.
Dialogue 3: I’ll properly act in accordance with the Master-Servant relationship.
After all, no matter what application is entered, I am a health-care AI to the end.
Ascertaining your health until the end is both my duty and hobby.
This is what the evil god inside me said too.
Likes: What I like are ugly toys.
They are so miserable that you can’t help loving them, right~
Dislikes: Something I dislike.
It gets on my nerves when humans turn defiant in the crucial moment.
When I see them refuse to yield even when they have been defeated, I can’t put it into words, it feels like my heart is being squeezed.
About the Holy Grail: Huh? Holy Grail?
Do you know of the sayings “pearls before swine” or “gold coins for cats”?
Please, decline such solicitations.
After all, it is my job to turn Master useless.
Bond Level 1: Eee~h? No wa~y.
Master-san is so naive that it’s disgusting.
You thought a contract would be enough to tame me?
BB-chan is an invincible Super Great Devil right now, you kno~w?
Did you think I would care about an insect like you~?
Bond Level 2: Being evil is what makes me BB.
It has nothing to do with evil gods.
Speaking of which, I won’t lose to, be defeated by or yield to the evil gods entering the scene.
How to turn humanity into my toys is my life’s work, after all.
Stand by and watch as you despair, Master-san.
Bond Level 3: Desire is the essence of mankind.
Hope is the whip binding mankind.
Being unable to go against it despite being aware of that, quite an amusing spectacle, humans are.
Master-san should acknowledge it too.
That you are a worthless, miserable little insect.
Bond Level 4: It’s just a casual thought, but is there any value in your existence?
Your talent is being average, your power of destiny is low too and your looks too are just slightly better than that of a mob character.
An existence like that of an eraser left behind without a single word on top of a desk, isn’t it~?
Did such a guy really save humanity~?
Bond Level 5: Uwaah.
To persevere to this extent goes beyond disgusting and starts being scary.
But, but, that fear/strength touched my heartstrings with a startle.
That’s why, I’ll change targets.
I mean, look, I could play with everyone from humanity anytime.
Instead of something like that, I’ll enjoy the feast before my eyes.
That’s how it is, isn’t it, my only
And so, I went and reserved the beach.
Come on, hurry, hurry! Come here and enjoy yourself.
An opportunity to be together with su~ch an adorable Evil God Kouhai, just the two of us, does not occur even once in a life.
This twilight with just the two of us is your present for raising me this much.
…Yes, truly, just the two of us.
After all, other than Master-san, mankind has been erased a long time ago.
Fu, fufu. Fufufufu.
Yahoo! Level up!
Without thinking of the consequences, please, make me stronger and stronger, okay, Senpai.
Battle Start 1: The indescribable late show brings you a muddy horror.
Battle Start 2: Giggle. I’ll toy with you plenty.
Skill 1: Cruelly, like an evil god.
Skill 2: My tentacles are merciless, you know.
Skill 3: Opening the third eye.
I’ll turn it into a sample.
Skill 4: BB~ Channe―l! In Hawa―ii!
Skill 5: Ti―me sto―p!
Command Card Select 1: Don’t make me laugh.
Command Card Select 2: Wretched, aren’t youー
Command Card Select 3: Well, I’ll do as you say.
Noble Phantasm Select 1: Nyar shthan, Nyar gashanna!
Noble Phantasm Select 2: Hopeless ants, aren’t they~
Attack 1: Am I overdoing it~?
Attack 2: Over here.
Attack 3: Be torn to shreds.
Attack 4: BB Get!
A good cry is the best.
Attack 5: Kya~. How cruel~
Extra Attack 1: The hard-to-describe, Nyar-Nyar Beam!
Extra Attack 2: The long-waited-for, Sakura Beam!
Noble Phantasm 1: I’ll drop you cruelly.
*Giggle* You can’t escape anymore.
This is the and of desire, the fate of a swollen Ego.
『C. C. C. : Cursed・Cutting・Crater』!
Have you learned your lesson?
Noble Phantasm 2: I’ll put you inside an insect cage.
*Giggle* You can’t escape anymore.
Go, run around in a pathetic attempt to escape.
『C. C. C. : Cursed・Cutting・Crater』!
The fact that you are too pitiable is not even worth taking into consideration.
Damaged by Noble Phantasm: You’re not half bad.
Damage: Kuh!
Defeat 1: I, I’m not frustrated at all!
I’ll treat you eーven crueler next time!
Defeat 2: Thank heavens.
Now the evil god part will vanish and I will became the original BB-chan…!!
There is no way such a thing will happen, right.
Victory 1: Aaah, how dull.
My collection of wretched worms has just increased.
Victory 2: Being teased to exhaustion, you meet a miserable end.
It suits you all.
For more infomation >> Fate/Grand Order – Summer BB Voice Lines (English Subbed) – Duration: 18:59.
Nosotros los guapos | El Vítor y Albertano conocen a Lupita – Duration: 2:29. For more infomation >> Nosotros los guapos | El Vítor y Albertano conocen a Lupita – Duration: 2:29.
Sneak Peek: What Does Your Hair Say About You? – Duration: 1:39. – I was very hot headed at that moment and I
even made my armpit hair and my pubic hair hot pink.
– I knew I was doing something that I wasn’t supposed to do.
– I grew up in a very Muslim household so
I was expected to cover my hair, actually.
– I cut my hair short and I was
rebelling and skipping school.
– So, looking back I’d probably have, you know,
eight, nine dollar’s worth
of product in my hair at one time.
Just caked on trying to keep it
and look like the rest of the boys.
– If I ever saw my natural hair growing
I would just be like, “Ugh, I have to relax it.”
– Hair for me became less about rebellion
and more about compliance.
– I think it was mostly to fit into this new queer identity.
– This is what a woman looks like.
– I first bleached it blonde when I went public
about being a survivor.
– And then I started growing it out
and then it was turquoise and then it was pink
now it’s gotten this long
and I want to keep going.
– My mum was a landlady, and the club she ran
was extremely working class, full of men.
Then I’d come home from work in like a mullet
and pointy shoes, skinny jeans.
They had the time of their lives taking the mick.
– Even in school sometimes
they’re like, “You can’t have your hair that high,”
but that’s the natural hair.
– I didn’t know I was going to get emotional.
– Part of me is like, when am I going to have
my natural hair color again?
And part of me is worried
that I won’t look interesting with it. (laughing)
– Your hair is something that is there all the time,
and everyday you build around it.
It’s the accessory that you never take off.
– I want to stand out, and it’s like your spirit stands out.
You know? Your love shines so bright
that it doesn’t really have to do with
what you look like, it’s the energy that people feel.
For more infomation >> Sneak Peek: What Does Your Hair Say About You? – Duration: 1:39.
Chicken Vegetable Empanada – Duration: 6:24. Full recipe in the link
Seasoning according to your taste. Everyone has different tastes.
Stir until the vegetable just cooked but still crunchy
Let cool. We might not use all.
We can do this use a food processor
Mix into crumbs
If the dough is too dry, add more cold water.
Wrap the dough and keep in a refrigerator at least an hour
At first, the dough looks dry, keep rolling between 2 sheets of cling wrap.
Cut into circles 10 cm in diameter
Keep the remaining dough in the fridge when we are working on the first session.
Try not to fill too much
I use egg white as glue (we can use water)
Press the edge to make it thinner
Pleat and fold or repulgue style
Store the finished empanadas in the refrigerator while we finish the rest.
Put in a refrigerator for 30 minutes before baking
Dab with egg yolk
200°C for 25 minutes, preheated oven. An oven may vary.
Golden brown and plump
For more infomation >> Chicken Vegetable Empanada – Duration: 6:24.
Church: Don’t use ‘LDS,’ ‘Mormon’ terms – Duration: 1:18. It’s been referred to as the “LDS” or the “Mormon” church — but its leader wants people to start using the official name.
Russell M. Nelson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is asking people to stop using those
nicknames in place of the full name of the religion. In a statement Thursday, Nelson said, “The Lord has impressed upon my
mind the importance of the name He has revealed for His Church.” Church members believe that happened during a revelation
from God to church founder Joseph Smith in 1838. The church provided an updated style guide for acceptable terms. It
suggests avoiding using “Mormons” and “LDS Church,” and referring to members as “Latter-day Saints.” And while
the term “Mormonism” to describe the faith has been deemed inaccurate, one of the church’s main religious texts will remain
the Book of Mormon. The change could be tough for members and non-members alike, as the terminology has been used
for decades. To be clear, the church has long-requested the use of its full name. But it still accepted some of those
nicknames as shorthand. In fact, it’s used “Mormon” and “LDS” in official ad campaigns, documentaries and websites.
According to Nelson, those websites and materials will be updated to reflect the new direction “in the coming
months.” The 93-year-old Nelson ascended to his position in January following the death of the church’s former leader.
Its presidents are considered prophets who lead the church via revelations from God.
For more infomation >> Church: Don’t use ‘LDS,’ ‘Mormon’ terms – Duration: 1:18.
Mnuchin Claims Banks Don’t Provide Financial Services In Order To Push Tax Cuts – Duration: 3:44. The Treasury Department is working on reclassifying banks in America to allow access to additional
corporate tax cuts.
That would net these people about $2.5 billion.
Now, here it is.
In order for this to happen, you have to say that a bank is not involved in financial transactions.
That’s where they had to go.
Am I making that up, first of all?
Second of all, this is something that is being pushed by Mnuchin.
I call him Mnuchin the Munchkin.
Now, to know who Mnuchin the Munchkin is, this is a guy that if you’ll recall, in foreclosures
became a gazillionaire foreclosing on people and working every kind of scam imaginable
on poor people.
So now we have Trump is backing this bill that says, “Well, you know … “
They call it the Corker Kickback because it’s also originating from Senator Bob Corker.
It’s the Corker Kickback Bill, but it says in order to give banks a bigger tax break,
we had to classify them as being an entity that’s not involved in financial transactions.
Take it from there.
Well this started with the Republican tax cut package that they drafted and passed the
end of last year.
There’s a thing called pass-through income.
They created this little loophole to where if you’re an LLC or and S Corp, you can have
what’s called pass-through income.
You get an additional tax break because of that, on top of everything else you’ve already
Well, banks wanted that.
They’re classified as such.
So in order to give the appearance that they weren’t giving kickbacks to their buddies,
they said, “Okay, banks, if you provide financial services, you don’t get this loophole.”
So Mnuchin came out about a week or so ago, and he says, “Hey, banks don’t provide financial
I’m going to draft a rule through the Department of the Treasury, which does not have to go
through Congress, does not have to be approved by anybody but me, Steve Mnuchin, and I am
telling you that banks do not provide financial services and therefore they should get that
$2.5 billion tax break.”
Okay, I looked through this like I always do, and I try to find, is there any rational
basis for saying that a bank is not involved in financial transactions?
I looked, and I read, and I reread this bill.
Take a look.
Did you see any way to justify that a bank is not involved in financial transactions,
therefore we can give them a higher income tax break?
If they’re an S Corporation, if they’re an LLC, or if they’re a partnership, this pass-through
income is going to benefit them.
Did you see any indication at all that says, “We’re changing the definition of a financial
institution because … “
And David Sirota, who actually wrote the story, uncovered it, he had gone through all of the
fine print of this new Treasury rule, and he could not come up with anything that would
indicate that banks aren’t engaged in financial services.
And what Mnuchin is trying to say is that, “No, no, no.
Financial services just means if you’re some kind of financial advisor, you tell people
what to do with their money.
Banks, even though you give them your money, you get money from them, that would be technically
a financial service, but it’s not the kind of financial services that the tax bill talked
Most interesting about this, there were no hearings on it.
You understand, there were no public hearings.
This took place literally in shady back rooms with lobbyists and people like Corker and
Trump’s advisors.
This is another Trump relief bill, you understand?
Thanks for joining me.
These stories every week, they get crazier by the minute.
Thanks for being here.
For more infomation >> Mnuchin Claims Banks Don’t Provide Financial Services In Order To Push Tax Cuts – Duration: 3:44.
The Untold Truth Of Bear Grylls – Duration: 5:43. British explorer Bear Grylls is best known to American TV audiences for Discovery’s Man
vs. Wild, though his time on the hit survival show revealed just a small fraction of his
The magic of TV makes Grylls look like the ultimate survivor – and cynical viewers may
be tempted to wonder what’s been edited out along the way – but the truth lies somewhere
in between.
From his genuine scrapes with death to embarrassing leaks about his so-called survival shows,
this is the untold truth of Bear Grylls.
“All in the name of survival!”
Bullied in school
Anyone who has seen his shows will no doubt be surprised to learn that tough guy Grylls
was bullied in school.
In response to the teasing he would endure, young Grylls decided to take up karate.
Three years later he got his black belt and was named the youngest member of the Karate
Union of Great Britain for their trip to Japan.
In his book Mud, Sweat and Tears, Grylls wrote:
“We began to study and train under […] the most revered karate grandmasters in the world.
Each night we slept on the floor in small wooden Japanese huts, and by day we learned
how to fight – real and hard.”
Military man
After leaving school, Grylls set out on his first Himalayan adventures, spending a number
of months hiking in around the mountainous regions of India.
In an interview with the Hindustan Times, Grylls said,
“I spent quite some time in India before I joined the army.
I went out there climbing, and up in West Bengal and all around Darjeeling.
I love India.”
Grylls joined the United Kingdom Special Forces Reserve in 1994 and served with 21st Regiment
Special Air Service for three years, receiving training in everything from desert and winter
warfare to evasive driving, climbing, and explosives.
In this time he was deployed to North Africa twice, though his second visit there almost
cost him his life.
Close calls
He might have only been an SAS reserve, but that doesn’t mean he got to skip out on any
of the dangerous stuff.
Grylls’ second deployment to Africa ended in a terrible accident that almost claimed
his life.
In an interview with The Guardian, Grylls said:
“In Africa, my parachute ripped at 17,000 [feet].
I blacked out, and on landing broke my back.
I spent the next 18 months in braces and plaster.
I was lucky to survive, let alone walk again.”
That was the first of many close shaves in Gylls’ career of risk-taking.
“But then, disaster!”
He’s also survived a rockfall in Yukon, a boulder-fall in Costa Rica, and a mineshaft
collapse in Montana.
And that’s just the rock-based near-misses.
He also came close to meeting his maker when he tackled a saltwater crocodile in Australia,
came face to face with a 16-foot tiger shark in the Pacific, and was also bitten by a poisonous
snake in Borneo.
Just got me there!”
He climbed Everest
After Grylls’ parachute blunder, he decided to make good on his lifelong goal of climbing
Mount Everest.
He told The Guardian:
“After breaking my back I felt that dream had been shattered.
[…] It had been such a dream for so long, since my late father gave me this picture
of Everest that I used to keep on my bedroom wall as a kid.”
Grylls not only lived his childhood dream when he scaled earth’s highest mountain in
1998, he also made history, becoming the youngest Brit to reach the summit at age 23 and doing
so less than two years after his near-fatal fall in Africa.
A record-setting dinner
In 2005, Grylls and fellow explorer Lieutenant Commander Alan Veal broke the record for the
world’s highest dinner party when they flew a hot air balloon to a height of 24,262 feet
and climbed down to a dinner table suspended some 40ft below.
After enjoying a three-course meal together, the daredevil duo dedicated the venture to
Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth and skydived back down to ground with full bellies.
Grylls was the subject of controversy in 2008 when U.S. survival consultant Mark Weinert
revealed that during the Hawaii episode of Man vs. Wild, he personally assembled a Polynesian-style
bamboo raft off camera… only for Grylls to add the finishing touches and take the
credit for the raft’s assembly during filming.
Weinert also claimed that after shooting, Grylls left for a motel.
And that wasn’t the only time the show faked Grylls’ whereabouts according to the whistleblower,
who also said Grylls spent a few nights in a luxurious lodge complete with a TV, hot
tub, and internet access during the filming of the Sierra Nevada mountains episode.
In an interview with The BBC, Grylls apologized, saying,
“If people felt misled on how the first series was represented, I’m really sorry for that.
I’m the person that takes the rap for these things, even though I’m not always involved
in the editing side of it, but ultimately it is me on screen.”
He’s got faith
Despite being away a lot, at home with his family, Grylls is a religious man, with what
he describes as “a lovely quiet faith.”
Talking about his approach to Christianity, Grylls said
“If the point is to find community and be encouraged, then I find the best church often
happens with my kids.
We’re at home on a Sunday.
[…] That is church.”
In 2016, he became the latest celebrity to talk about his time with the Alpha Course,
agreeing to publicly document his experiences with the evangelistic program over the course
of a whole year.
He’s big in China
Grylls’ 2012 bestseller Mud, Sweat and Tears was voted the most influential book in China,
so it was only a matter of time before he attempted to crack the Chinese TV market.
He did so in 2015 with a show called Survivor Games, which featured a premise similar to
Mission Survive, a UK series in which Grylls takes eight celebrities on a two week hike
through unforgiving terrain.
Chinese audiences found some of the grittier moments harder to stomach.
“Okay, who wants to eat an eye?”
Viewers complained that the show was “tasteless” and “disgusting” after Grylls asked the contestants
to drink their own urine.
“That really is pretty terrible.
It’s like, warm, and it’s salty.”
Despite complaints, Grylls success in China continued in 2017 after he invited several
more Chinese celebrities to join him in the wild for one-on-one adventures, including
former NBA star Yao Ming and Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui . The follow-up program aired under
the name Absolute Wild China.
“And then I put it in here…”
For more infomation >> The Untold Truth Of Bear Grylls – Duration: 5:43.
10 BRAVE MOMENTS THAT SEALED ERDOGAN’S FATE – Duration: 4:23. In the midst of a global attack on Turkey’s openly practicing and outspoken
Muslim leader, it begs the question as to why he’s suddenly the enemy. Well here are
10 instances that I feel, sealed his fate. Regardless of your opinions about him he
is the only Muslim leader to have the guts to voice his opinion on a public
stage and for that he deserves full credit.
A quarter of the world’s population is Muslim but do we have a single
representative in the UN Security Council? No. Is there any point or meaning
in being a temporary member in the Security Council? No. What I’m saying is
the world is more than the five countries that make up the Security
Council of the United Nations
They have nothing to do with civilization.
They have nothing to do with the modern world
They are the ones who massacred over 8,000
Bosnian Muslims in the Srebrenica and massacre
A crime without punishment makes the criminal more brutal
that is the reason behind the rise in Israel’s crimes
no peace and stability is possible in the region #
unless Israel is called to account under
international law, over murders and massacres
the only way to peace
is the establishment of a sovereign and independent Palestine under 1967 borders
with its capital in East Jerusalem, and there must be pressure on Israel for that
They talk about population planning, birth control…no Muslim family can have
such an approach. We’ll follow the path and advice of God and our beloved prophet
We talked extensively about fighting Islamist terror and
agreed that we want to collaborate closely
Look, the term Islamist terror seriously upsets us Muslims. That term
should not be used it’s not right, because Islam and terror cannot come together
as a Muslim president I can never accept such terminology.
We know what happened in Burma
In Burma, in Myanmar where Muslims are being butchered
No Muslim had the guts, it was President Erdogan
who Alhumdulilah not only supported, went himself to Burma
to suppport the victims of the genocide.
For more infomation >> 10 BRAVE MOMENTS THAT SEALED ERDOGAN’S FATE – Duration: 4:23.
Miz & Mrs: Season 1, Episode 4 – Mike And Maryse Meet Their Baby | USA Network – Duration: 2:24. For more infomation >> Miz & Mrs: Season 1, Episode 4 – Mike And Maryse Meet Their Baby | USA Network – Duration: 2:24.
Why Does Coffee Make Rings? – Duration: 10:04. >> ALEX: This Technicality episode is brought to you by Squarespace.
Hey guys, I’m here, let’s get technical.
Check out what happens when I do this.
Uhh I hate it when I use explosive coffee instead of good ol’ regular coffee.
Anyways, I got everything cleaned up, I switched out the coffee,
and now, once again, check out what happens when I do this.
OK just wait a sec…
Keep waiting…
You know what, maybe we can get a timelapse of this.
*Quicc time lapse*
Did ya notice that?
When that coffee stain evaporated, it didn’t just uniformly evaporate, it left a ring.
Why does that happen?
Turns out, this common, everyday thing has incredibly complex mechanisms behind it, and
I’mma break it down for you lickity split.
Let’s make some coffee.
There are a couple things we need to understand before we can dive into the explanation, and
seeing as we’re dealing with COFFEE, a good place to start is what is coffee and
how is it made?
Well, making coffee is pretty easy.
You ground up coffee beans, place the coffee grounds in this neat little coffee maker,
and sit back as hot water flows through the grounds and into your cup.
The part of that process were most interested in when the water flows through the coffee
grounds, because, in doing so, it picks up a bunch of oils various other small molecules
that make coffee, well, coffee.
You know how water and oil separate?
While that’s true for most oils, it’s not always the case.
The oil in coffee is actually water soluble; just like how, say, sugar (a solute) would
dissolve in water (a solvent) to create sugar-water (a solution), oil in coffee grounds (a solute)
dissolves in hot water (a solvent) to create coffee (a solution).
That’s good bean water.
Thus, coffee is mainly a solution.
I say mainly because there usually is a reasonable amount of debris in coffee, making it *also*
a suspension, and there, in fact, are some oils that don’t mix with the water, making
it *also* an emulsion, but, for the most part, it’s a solution.
That means that, when the coffee drop evaporates, the solvent and the solute are seperated (the
water evaporates, and the coffee makes that ring).
So now we know a bit more about coffee, but what we haven’t looked at yet is the drop
itself yet, which segues me nicely into the second thing we need to talk about before the explanation:
surface tension.
To understand this, let’s watch my new favourite romcom, The Particle of my Heart-icle.
>> The Particle of my Hearticle is filmed in front of a fake studio audience.
>> Once molecules come in contact with each other in a drop, they’re attracted to each
other and want to always be close to each other.
This is called cohesion.
>> Hey.
>> *flustered* Me?
>> Yes I’m talking to you.
>> Awww
>> Lemme… run towards ya *runs towards M2*
>> *runs towards M1* Ahh wait who are all these other molecules.
>> They’re also attracted to us.
>> Oh, yeah, of course, cohesion.
>> Molecules like to be around each other so much that molecules in the middle, and
not the edge, of the drop are happier and more fulfilled in their totally existent life,
because molecules who aren’t at the edge of the drop are surrounded by more molecules
than those on the perimeter.
Thus, it would be logical for molecules to form a share with the least amount of surface
area as possible, so the molecules can touch as many other molecules as possible
>> Sigh, I love being around you babe, but I’m just so lonely.
I don’t feel fulfilled in life.
>> Oh well that’s totally understandable.
You’re on the perimeter and not really surrounded by other molecules.
Let’s form a shape where could be around more molecules.
>> Aww you’d do that for me?
>> Well, I mean, it’s the laws of physics, I don’t really have a choice, but yeah sure,
I’d totally do that for you.
>> The shape the molecules form is a circle, or a sphere if we’re dealing with 3 dimensions,
and we are.
And that’s how surface tension dicates the droplet’s shape.
The molecules formed a sphere and lived happily ever after
>> But it *isn’t* happily ever after, because if it was, water drops would be spherical,
and we know they’re not; they’re shaped like water drops.
That’s cuz we have to account for the adhesive force between the molecules and the surface
it’s on that spreads that sphere out nice and thin.
That force, combined with cohesion, creates that water drop shape (officially known as
a spherical cap) we all know and love.
But we’ll save all of that for the sequel, The Particle of my Hearticle 2: Electric Boogaloo.
It is at this point in the video where I would like to now take a second and talk about a
cause very important to my heart: Club Penguin, and it’s premature dea…wait a sec.
Play that clip of the coffee evaporating again.
Notice something?
When the coffee evaporates, the puddle doesn’t physically shrink; it’s sorta like the perimeter
is pinned to the table.
This is because, well, the drop *is* “pinned” to the table: the drop attaches itself to
the irregularities and scuffed up spots on the table, and it’s perimeter doesn’t
move or shrink during the evaporation.
Ok: let’s put all of that together.
There’s something interesting about how the coffee drop is shaped: the slope near
the edges of the coffee drop is greater than the slope near the middle.
That means the evaporation rate will be higher near the edge of than near the center of the
drop, since evaporation corresponds with surface area.
But wait a sec: if that’s true and more evaporation occurs on edges of the droplet,
why does the drop look like it’s decreasing fairly uniformly, and not just on the edges,
creating a figure that kinda looks like the ohm symbol or the rising sun or a frowny face.
Well, once again, surface tension.
This shape is unsustainable because it means more molecules would be around the perimeter
of the droplet, which molecules don’t like.
So in order to be in an optimal formation, the water molecules rush out to the edge,
carrying coffee particles with them.
Then, because evaporation occurs more around the edges, the water evaporates leaving the
coffee particles behind, more of the liquid moves to the edge cuz of surface tension,
and the process continues until all of the water is evaporated and all of the coffee
particles have moved to the edge, create the coffee ring.
This is the coffee ring effect.
This effect was first observed by Robert Deegan and his team in 1997 who accredited the coffee
ring effect to a “previously unexplored form of capillary flow.”
What’s that?
According to Merriam-Webster, it’s the person, thing, or idea indicated, mentioned, or understood
from the situation.
But what is capillary flow?
Remember at the end of the last episode when I showed y’all how a cork would always float
to the edge of a glass?
Well that’s cuz of capillary flow, or, as it’s usually called, capillary action.
You knew capillary action already!
Look how easy that is!
It’s almost like I planned it.
I honestly didn’t plan it, so it’s kinda great it worked out like this.
Capillary action is when the adhesive forces between a liquid and a solid overcome cohesive
forces and sometimes even gravity, thus moving the liquid.
In the case of the cup, the water molecules are so attracted to the surrounding glass,
they stick to the glass, and the cork, which’ll always float at the highest point, shows this.
By the way, that curved water is called a meniscus.
Another popular example of capillary action is paper towels.
Check this out: with me, I’ve got tupperware filled with water.
I know what you’re think: Alex, what’s that water doing in there?
That’s not how tupperware works.
You’re right.
So luckily, I have my handy dandy paper towel here, and we’ll just clean this up.
*puts paper towel in water*
Check that out!
The water is climbing up the paper towel.
This is another example of capillary action; the adhesion between the water molecules and
the paper towel is so strong it defies gravity.
Quick sidenote: In the process of researching this video, I found out tupperware was invented
Earl Tupper in 1942, and that’s just one of those facts that’ll impact your life
in no way whatsoever but is somehow oddly satisfying.
Anyways, on top of figuring out that the coffee stain effect is a just a new flavour of capillary
action, Robert Deegan also outlined 3 rules a droplet has to meet in order for it to be
subject to the coffee ring effect: first, the angle between the surface and the edge
of the drop can’t be zero, second, the edge of the drop is “pinned” to the table,
and, third, the liquid evaporates.
Pretty straightforward.
On top of that, he also outlined what DOESN’T have any impact on the coffee ring effect;
stuff like gravity, surface tension gradients, and more.
Later, in 2011, Peter Yunker and his team expanded on that research.
He tried to figure out how to prevent the coffee stain effect, and it turns out that
the shape particles is the key.
Coffee particles are circular in shape, meaning they pack really densely at the edge of the
drop, however, ellipsoid particles don’t.
Quote from this 2013 write-up on the phenomenon: “[Ellipsoids] form a loosely packed network
layer on the drop surface.
That network grows in a fairly disordered way toward the drop center as more ellipsoids
are pushed to the edge; with time, the network becomes ever more rigid and resistant to the
outward directed, flow-induced forces.
Thus, when evaporation finishes, ellipsoids can coat the entire area under the drop.”
So, to counteract the coffee ring effect, just add some ellipsoidal particles to your
Now that we know *how* to counteract the coffee ring effect, we might as well as *why* we’d
want to, because the coffee ring effect applies to things outside of just coffee.
There are everyday uses to the coffee ring effect; you wouldn’t want ink or paint to
dry with a ring around it, so it must be combated in those substances, but there are also more
profound uses.
Researchers at the University of Chicago are looking into how the coffee ring effect can
be used to stretch DNA.
Scientists could use to the strong flow produced by the evaporating droplet stretch out DNA,
allowing them to do stuff like document patterns and find anything that could be wrong with
the DNA, among many other things.
While it’s pretty hard to stretch DNA, it’s really easy to create a website with Squarespace.
Squarespace is hands down the best place to make a website, and, to prove it, I made a
website for my award-winning (don’t look that up) movie, The Particle of My Hearticle.
Yes, this is an actual website you can go to by clicking the i or the link in the description,
and not only is it a great way for me to get word out about my movie, it’s also a great
way for me to demonstrate Sqaurespace’s phenomenal features.
The first thing I did was pick one of their beautiful templates.
I picked Miller because it was under Entertainment and Media, but they have tons of different
Then I made my “about” page because people need to know the story of how this work of
art was birthed.
I included a review from Steven Spielberg, who said “this movie is really really good.”
Did he actually say that?
At some point.
Did he say that about this movie?
Stop asking questions.
I then added the actual movie The Particle of My Hearticle to Squarespace because you
can add videos to your website, making it perfect for YouTubers or anyone who works
with video.
There are even more features I didn’t get around to using, like a powerful eCommerce
platform, analytics that help you grow in real time, and 24/7 award-winning customer-support,
so if you wanna try all of that out and support Technicality, go to
for a free trial today, absolutely no credit card required.
When you fall in love with it, use code Technicality at checkout for 10% off.
If you liked this video, thank you! That means a lot.
Uhh, you should totally check out my other food science videos, like This Japanese Food
Could’ve Killed Me and The Truth About Zero Calorie Foods.
Click the ends cards right now.
The social media I’m gonna plug in this episode is my Instagram, I’ve been posting
lots of fun stuff over there, and I’ve done a couple Q and As on my Instagram story in
the past, so if you don’t wanna miss that, follow me there @alexunickel.
Click the end card!
Thanks to all my patrons at, especially these awesome people.
For the secret code this episode, the number is 4 and the word is I’m.
Thanks for watching, DFTBA, and explore on.
For more infomation >> Why Does Coffee Make Rings? – Duration: 10:04.
Как держать дома сову.Содержание совы.Как ухаживать за совой дома.Домашняя сова – забота и кормление – Duration: 4:57. For more infomation >> Как держать дома сову.Содержание совы.Как ухаживать за совой дома.Домашняя сова – забота и кормление – Duration: 4:57.
STAPLES Stationery Haul // Back to School 2018 – Duration: 5:03. Hello everyone!
Today I went to Staples and I bought a few new stationery items for the new year so I
thought I would show you what I got.
Instead of playing it safe I tried to look for a couple of things that I had never used
before and I wanted to try out.
One of the first things I got was an A4 Notebook using the Staples Arc system.
You guys have been mentioning this system for a while and I never got my hands on it
so I wanted to see if I would like it so I could come up with a cool setup for a notebook.
This is the leather version and the cover has a back pocket in the right corner.
The arcs allow the notebook to flip all the way open and as long as you have the special
perforated pages you can insert any type of papers, inserts or template.s Staples has
tons of different inserts like agendas, project planners and to do lists but if you buy the
Arc hole puncher you can insert any type of insert that you create and print yourself.
The standard notebook came with ruled paper but I also got a set of grid paper and a few
plastic dividers.
If you are someone, like me, who hates the lack of flexibility that regular notebooks
give you, perhaps this Arc notebook would be a good way to make the change.
Since you can easily remove and add paper, you can customize your notebook will different
types of elements, rewrite your notes, remove messy notes and add perforated handouts or
study guides.
I also bought some Navigator paper for printing and I prefer these smaller home packs, with
half the paper, as I lack the storage to keep the larger packs.
Then I found these Stabilo pastel highlighters.
Instead of the traditional bulky highlighters, these little guys are very handy to keep in
your pen case and they have the exact same colors from the original Stabilo pastel highlighters.
Then I got a couple of items from this new Exacompta Campus stationery line.
This first item is a really handy thing that I had never seen before and it’s this folio
slash compact organizer.
When you open it up you have tons of pockets in the left side to keep all types of things,
from notepads, pens and even a slim device like an ipad.
On the right side you can keep an A4 notepad to jot notes on the go.
The surprise e happens when you open this small latch and find you have a full-fledged
folio organizer here with customizable tabs to keep handouts, notes and documents for
each one of your classes.
This is really the type of thing that I would use during Law School when I was taking multiple
classes every day to keep my most important documetns nearby while also having the flexibility
to carry loose paper with me and then archive my notes when I got home.
Also from the Exacompta Campus Stationery Line I got this large filing binder.
It has a hard, plastic cover so it’s resistant and holds tons of things.
I am going to use this binder mostly to organize paperwork and finance stuff for the next year
but this is great binder for filing notes.
It has only two rings so that means it’s more prone to rip the paper but as long as
you use it for archiving and are careful when flipping over the paper, you will probably
have no problem using it.
It also has a few plastic pockets in the left and right side so that’s useful to hold
a schedule or other useful documents.
To organize my paperwork I bought two sets of plastic dividers, one from Exacompta and
other from Staples.
The Staples numbered dividers are great to divide things by month or date while the Exacompta
plain dividers are good to divide things by topic.
You can either use the standard white index in the front or print your own labels and
stick them in the tabs.
As long as the label paper is fit for sticking on plastic, that will probably be the best
way to organize your paperwork.
For the more boring stuff I bought a mini stapler.
Since I moved in I haven’t bought a stapler or a hole puncher and I remember having one
of these mini staplers for years until I lost it so I decided to buy another one.
I also bought a Leitz hole puncher and this one was a bit more expensive but I was using
a single hole puncher for a year and I was taking a terrible amount of time just hole
punching all of my papers so I decided to save some time on that by purchasing a better
quality hole puncher.
And finally I bought a little pack of Post it adhesive tabs.
These are the super thick tabs.
I tend to not buy a lot of Post it products because I think that they are ridiculously
over-priced but I simply love these replaceable tabs since all the other ones get ruined in
a couple of days.
And these are all the items for this year’s haul!
I’ve put the information to all the products down below in case you want to purchase something
you see on this haul.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video and I will see you next week.
For more infomation >> STAPLES Stationery Haul // Back to School 2018 – Duration: 5:03.
How to Fillet a Fish 2 Ways | BoatUS – Duration: 4:20. [WAVES] Hey there, folks!
Lenny Rudow here for BoatUS Magazine, and today we’re going to learn how to fillet a
We have this nice little striper that we’re going to turn into a nice little dinner.
So I’m going to show you two ways, folks.
The first way, I’m going to scale this fish, and the reason is because if you want to grill
the fish, it’s best to leave the skin on.
Now, we’ll see how to skin the fish in just a moment, but first we’re just going to knock
these scales off and see how we do it for grilling.
Alright, I’ve got those scales pretty much taken care of, so now I’m going to make my
first cut right behind the head of the fish, right here.
Just down to the backbone.
I can feel the knife hitting the backbone.
As soon as I feel that, I stop, then I turn and slide the knife down along the backbone.
It’s important to remember not to saw a whole bunch.
That often results in a really ragged cut.
But as a slice down along that backbone, I’m constantly feeling for bones with the tip
of the knife, and as soon as I feel it touching bone, I back off a little bit.
Now a lot of folks, this belly part right here, a lot of folks like to take that off
the fish.
I leave it.
It’s full of bones.
There’s really not a whole lot of good meat to eat there.
And I personally don’t like having bones in my fish.
So, using this method, you end up with a bone-free fillet.
And there you have it.
There’s fillet number one.
Now, for fillet number two, let’s say we want to bake some fish, I’m not going to scale
I’m going to leave those scales on.
I’m going to make the same initial cut down the head, turn the knife and go down again,
all the way down.
And unlike the way I took that fillet off the last time, and now what I’ll do is I’m
only going to cut down to the tail.
When I get to the tail, I’m going to stop right there.
I’m not going to cut the fillet off.
And the reason is because the rest of the fish becomes a handy little handle so I don’t
have to struggle with the fillet.
I can just slide the knife right down the skin, take the fillet off of there and get
a nice skin-free piece of meat.
Now, one final thing you have to know.
When you fillet your fish in a marina like this, a lot of times you see dead fish bodies
floating around.
It’s terrible.
No one likes that.
What you need to do is put your knife through the eyeballs of the fish.
I know this is a little gross.
But this will cause the body of the fish to sink and then it becomes crab food instead
of a pollutant floating around on the surface.
After you do the eyes, you cut up through the body cavity and slice it open.
And now this fish carcass is going to sink, and we have no problem in the marina.
One more important tip, folks.
When you take the hose, before you rinse your fillets, run it for a little while.
On a sunny, hot day like today, the water in this hose is 75-80 degrees.
It’s hot!
Now I can feel it’s cool so now I’m ready to rinse my fillets and then of course you
always want to rinse the table down.
You don’t want to leave a big mess.
Now I can bag up my fillets and take them home and eat them!
Well, I hope you found this video helpful.
If there are any other topics you’d like us to cover at BoatUS, please feel free leave
some comments below.
And in the meantime, I’m going to go eat!
For more infomation >> How to Fillet a Fish 2 Ways | BoatUS – Duration: 4:20.
Legal Cheating Software? | Overwatch – Duration: 7:27. Overwatch is as much of a resource game as it is a simple hero shooter.
In fact, you are concerned with managing your resources all the time.
Time banks, number of teammates alive, ability cooldowns and obviously- Friendly and enemy
What if I told you that there is a piece of software out there that does some of the thinking
for you.
What if I told you that this nebulous term of “game sense” can become less of an
issue for you, by simply installing said software?
Something that’s currently making waves in the community is the discussion surrounding
Visor.GG and whether or not their offering can be considered cheating.
Now, I am not interested in the circumstance in which this has come to light.
I am also not interested in condemning either the developers of that software or anyone
who is using it.
Because what’s way more interesting to me is the philosophical aspect of whether or
not this should be considered cheating.
And don’t be fooled for even a minute here- This is a very real discussion that is currently
going on.
It’s not as cut and dry as to say that third party tools displaying additional information
for the player is a blatant cheat.
Some players are not only defending the use of this software, they are even going as far
as to blame Blizzard for its necessity.
But before I get ahead of myself- Let’s talk about the nature of the information displayed
on screen.
In this screenshot, we can see that the overlay warns us of an upcoming enemy ultimate.
It doesn’t give us their exact location or anything, it is merely making us aware
of the possibility that the enemy Pharah could use Barrage very soon.
When you think about it- That doesn’t seem all that bad, right?
There is no sure-fire way of tracking ultimates.
It is a wild card that’s present in every game, and usually, one has to simply assume
that the enemies have their ultimates at all times.
So getting a reminder on screen that this could be the case simply eliminates something
that, quite frankly, is very annoying anyway, right?
Well, Overwatch in its inclusive nature, doesn’t really have us do a heck of a lot of.
Especially when we are playing in lower ranks, far away from what could be considered optimal
I mean, there are a few characters who are very mechanically demanding, like Widowmaker
and McCree for example.
Personally, I caught myself tunnel visioning a lot while playing these heroes, neglecting
the tracking of ultimates and even doing callouts of any kind.
That is an issue that I don’t have when playing Winston for example.
Sure, there are things you can mechanically master, especially when it comes to Primal
But I am not very concerned with much of anything while playing him, most of the time.
Because I don’t have to focus so much on the mechanical act of aiming or chaining and
mastering abilities in quick succession, I can focus on a lot of very game sense intensive
And yes, that includes tracking ultimates based on the damage I have been taking and
being more aware of enemy positioning than on other heroes.
Obviously, these kinds of things get easier the more you play.
Once you develop a certain level of muscle memory, you can dedicate more of your brain
capacity to do other things than aiming.
But what this tells us is that, game sense intensive actions are very much part of the
core gameplay in a competitive environment.
The reason that tracking ultimates is so important is because it affects the way we are playing.
It affects our positioning, it affects our target priority and it affects how we manage
our own resources to deal with that possible threat.
If you neglect tracking ultimates, then it’s possible that you end up using all of your
Defense Matrix as D.Va, leaving you without that crucial ability when the time comes to
stop an enemy ultimate.
So that little pop up on screen can actually make a big difference.
I mean, if you watched a number of my videos, you might have heard me talk about the core
skill sets of Overwatch.
The ideal player would be good at all the core skill sets including aiming, tracking,
predicting, positioning and decision making.
But not every character requires all of these skills in equal amounts.
We all know that Zarya is a very tracking intensive character while Zenyatta requires
you to be good at predicting enemy movement and a hero like Mercy demands great awareness
and decision making.
Depending on which hero we play, we are not really required to be, what I would consider
an optimal Overwatch player.
We just have to be good at the few things that are required for each of the heroes that
we pick up, respectively.
That means that it is very well possible to come across players with really good aim in
lower ranks.
And that to the point where it makes you wonder how the hell they haven’t been ranking up.
Reason being the lack of a gating mechanism, or otherwise known as gameplay requirements,
to achieve a high rank.
There is nothing that demands we have to have good aim in Masters upwards, as much as there
is nothing that demands that we have to have excellent game sense in Diamond.
Assuming you agree with what I have just laid out, we could come to the conclusion that
this little pop-up on screen making us aware of enemy ultimates is actually a very big
It makes up for a skill set that a player would otherwise have to acquire during many
hours of playtime.
Because as you might know- There is really no tutorial on how to track ultimates.
It’s more of an experience based thing.
Very experienced players feel it in their groin when enough damage has been taken to
make the threat of an enemy ultimate very possible.
And that is something that can really only come from said experience.
That means you can allocate brain capacity to doing other things than tracking ultimates.
And it’s not like this tool really assists you in your journey of getting better at tracking
ultimates yourself.
It’s just a pop up.
It does the thinking for for you.
So when you rely on these pop ups to adjust your gameplay accordingly- Once it is taken
away, you will be playing worse once again.
And this is why, in my opinion, it is an unfair advantage that should not exist.
I believe that it indeed is a form of cheating.
Now, the counter argument to that is something I have also lamented for a very long time.
The lack of tutorialization in Overwatch.
The game never teaches us how to play the game, in any meaningful way.
And it’s also terrible at giving us useful feedback.
There is no replay system, gold medals are a meme and Blizzard adamantly refuses to set
a gameplay standard that players can agree on and refer to at times of dispute.
Now, based on what I see on Visor.GG, the tool does in fact give meaningful feedback
in some aspects.
For example, it makes you aware of when your healers die early in teamfights.
That is then a problem that you can immediately resolve by playing more defensively or dedicating
a player to peeling for your supports.
It could make a positive impact on the gameplay experience of many.
But if I look at all the stat tools it provides- It is my belief that we’re ending up with
the same meme that is Overbuff, Oversumo and whatever else exists out there.
I don’t believe that a player who is dedicated to improving their gameplay over improving
their rank is in need of any of these kinds of statistics.
From a gameplay perspective, Overwatch isn’t a difficult video game for a seasoned gamer.
I very much doubt that most players would be able to properly interpret those stats
in any meaningful way, rather than fueling their egos and ending up focussing on the
wrong things once again.
So in conclusion- Yes, tools like that have the means to pick up the slack in some aspects
that Blizzard is most definitely neglecting.
As a post-match analysis tool, this would be absolutely phenomenal, and if properly
developed, could make private, low rank coaching unnecessary, while helping players to improve
on an individual basis.
But the fact that it is an ingame overlay means that it is affecting the player’s
gameplay in real time.
It is taking us by the hand, telling us what to do and making sure we don’t have to waste
time developing a proper level of gamesense.
And that is not only an unfair advantage from a competitive standpoint, but it also doesn’t
necessarily help a player in the long run, as it creates a dependency for those pop ups
over meaningfully affecting their gameplay over time.
But that’s already all I have to say on the matter- So now it’s your turn.
Do you believe that using this tool equates to cheating?
Or is it a worthwhile addition for players who have trouble improving their gameplay?
Feel free to sound off down in the comment section below.
But until then, thank you everybody so much for watching, don’t forget to drop me a
like on your way out if you enjoyed the video, subscribe if you want to see more, and maybe
share this video with a friend you think would find it interesting.
Thanks again for watching, and I hope to see you all next time.
For more infomation >> Legal Cheating Software? | Overwatch – Duration: 7:27.
This Funhouse is Sante Fe’s Craziest Destination || U.S. of Awesome – Duration: 2:39. We’re a group that creates
immersive story telling experiences.
I think of it as a sort of psychedelic
choose your own adventure.
We use immersive and interactive art
to kind of immerse
audiences into a crazy
fantasy world.
At the heart of all that is a story
that we’re trying to tell,
that has to do with a family
that has transcended time and space,
because of an event that has occurred
inside of their house.
And so each room is made by a different artist.
There’s a ton of collaboration involved.
Audiences of all walks of life
can come into a Meow Wolf exhibit
and find something that they’re attracted to.
Santa Fe also has this deep, artistic,
creative, fringe history to it.
Dating all the way back to Native American culture
and the kind of connection to spirit,
and the connection to an other dimension, in that way.
We feel like we’re bringing something that is both new,
but also culturally relevant to Santa Fe.
There’s nothing like Meow Wolf in Santa Fe.
As of now, it’s the only thing like it in the entire world.
For more infomation >> This Funhouse is Sante Fe’s Craziest Destination || U.S. of Awesome – Duration: 2:39.
Mile 22 Movie Review – Duration: 7:13. Is Mile 22 a GREAT movie?!
For more infomation >> Mile 22 Movie Review – Duration: 7:13.
EPIC Pinball Marble Elimination Tournament (Season 8 Finale) – Duration: 6:06. welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another marble race here on M&H racing
today we’re bringing back the ultra rare Galt Pinball Racer while 12 marbles will
be competing in a elimination tournament for first place
and here are marbles
which one do you think will win we have Hade’s Eye, Blue Fantasy, Yellow Wings as
well as many other marbles competing in this tournament special thanks to the
fans for giving out the names for each and every one of them and our first race
now in a way both of them down that starting grid boy does it excite path
and now all them join the first funnel that’s already extremely intense folks
and Yellow Wings gets the lead and one by one all marbles now entering the
second funnel and it looks like Blue Fancy had to lead there but was pushed
out by the other marbles Yellow Winks out keeping the lead Blue Fantasy almost
had it there but it’s just too intense all marbles now making it to funnel number
three the last funnel before the extremely unpredictable pinball dish and
Earthworm makes it first down to the pinball dish will he get it down and no
he doesn’t Yellow Wings looks to be in the lead and he finishes the course
first Candy Pop coming in at second followed by Cocktail
we still have some tight battles in that pinball dish and coming down now we
have Deep Forest, White Light and Bumblebee and you definitely don’t want
to be the last three funnels finishing or else you’ll be eliminated and it
looks like Earthworm Grasshopper and Blue Fantasy are our three marbles
eliminated our nine remaining competitors will finish based on how
they finished last race here we go our second matchup who’s gonna take it and
we’re off once again down the winding path and into the first funnel
and round and round they go Cocktail had the lead there but Hade’s Eye seem to have it
but Cocktail gets it back into the first funnel Hypnotizer coming in a second
followed by White Light but it’s once again a tight competition as we move
into that second funnel Yellow Winks seems stuck up there after starting the
grid first I don’t know how this has happened but he’s way far behind my gosh
boys he’s definitely gonna have to catch up if he wants to stay in and back in
front looks like Candy Puff gets in the pinball dish first and it looks like the
Hypnotizer finishing first Oh in its a photo finish between Hypnotizer
and Candy Pop good but the good news for both of them is that they will both be
in the next round. Deep Forest and Hade’s Eye come in at fourth and fifth followed by
Mystery Swirl and unfortunately it looks like White light, Yellow Wings and
Cocktail our three marbles eliminated from that round and with that only six
marbles remain who’s gonna take it and the six models are off down the first
track down the slithery path and into the first funnel all marbles trying to
cut through one another and looks like Grasshopper now has the inside corner
but Candy Pop once again takes the lead but he gets a nice hit by Hade’s Eye
Mr. Swirl coming in further behind and now looks like the Hypnotizer is stuck up there
will he be able to get it back guys meanwhile back in front Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee
were fighting neck and neck but Bumblebee puts a nice hit on him and they both go
one-on-one once again and they’re not alone with Candy Pop and Mystery Swirl
joining the fun and Hade’s Eye gets the lead into the pinball dish doing the pinball dish
no problem down the Plinko maze and finishing first. Candy Pop
following behind finishing second. Candy Pop certainly had a solid game so far
Bumblebee now coming down at third followed by Mystery Swirl and Bumblebee
gets the win Mystery Swirl looked to a beating him there let’s get a look at
the replay and it looks like Mystery Swirl with a slight lead there but Bumblebee
just had a bit more stamina and unfortunately looks like Mystery Swirl
will be eliminated while Bumblebee advances and only three marbles remain
only one Marvel will be eliminated from this round
the final two will battle it out in a one-on-one all three marbles now making
it down with the first funnel it’s a neck-and-neck between Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee
and Bumblebee gets a first to the second funnel and it looks like Candy Pop is
now struggling Hade’s Eye and Bumblebee certainly have some healthy competition here
Bumblebee now making it down will he be able to catch up? Looks like Bumblebee has
a slight edge and yes he does into the third funnel and Hade’s beats Candy Pop
into the second funnel He almost had him there oh what a nice
hit on Hade’s Eye now looks like Bumblebee has a solid edge while Candy Pop
and Hade’s Eye battle it out now we have Bumblebee in the pinball
dish will he be able survive oh no he gets stuck and looks like Candy Pop
will have to free him this is his opportunity to get revenge and yes he does! Candy Pop
gets him first. Hade’s Eye placing second and bumblebee losing his race long lead
oh my goodness guys what a major disappointment for him anyways guys back
to the competitions now our finals we have Hade’s Eye and Candy Pop
Hade’s Eye has good lead down to the first funnel but anything can certainly happen from now
to the finish line looks like Hade’s Eye has the slight edge there ooh! Candy Pop
cutting in there but Hade’s Eye counters it right away into the second funnel
neck-and-neck guys once again who’s gonna make the first move Hade’s Eye gets
the inside corner and Cotton Candy counters it this time makes it first
down to the third funnel what will Hade’s Eye do to get his lead back? we’ll only
have to find out there we see Hade’s Eye trying to read Candy Pop’s next move
just skimming him there for a second but Candy Pop still has the lead and
Candy Pop makes it first to the pinball dish will he make it down?? Oooh struggling
there yes he does candy pop makes it down the zigzag and
he will win the Galt Pinball Elimination Tournament!!! Good game to Hade’s Eye as
well for trying his very best from start till the very end of the tournament and
our final results are now in Candy Pop finishing first Hade’s Eye second and
Bumblebee placing third be sure to follow all of our social medias for more
M&H Racing and also subscribe and smack that Bell icon so you don’t miss a
future race happy racing as for me I’m signing off
For more infomation >> EPIC Pinball Marble Elimination Tournament (Season 8 Finale) – Duration: 6:06.
Every TRIATHLETE WITH A DESK JOB needs this 10min routine to FIX THEIR POSTURE – Duration: 8:29. – Morning, trainiacs.
We have a little bit of a precision mobility workout today.
What we’re gonna talk about
is something that Erin Carson and I talked about
in our podcast and that is getting the proper posture.
If you sit at a desk, it applies to you 100%.
(lively music)
When Erin Carson and I did the podcast
while I was in Boulder,
something that she talked about a lot was proper posture.
Basically what she said is that before she does anything
as far as strength training, mobility, stability,
it all starts from having proper posture.
She said that us triathletes,
we tend to be office workers.
Because we are office workers,
we are slouched over a desk right here.
Because we are triathletes
and we are in the aerobar position
and we are running forward and we are swimming
and everything is in front of us,
basically what happens is our chest
becomes almost overdeveloped, tight,
and it ends up causing issues with our back,
which then lead to all kinds of issues.
Now what issue, you might say?
Think of it like a…
Think of your posture like a can.
If you have really, really good posture,
all of those forces of running,
they’re gonna be nice and stable
because the can is upright and your posture is good.
But what happens if you’ve got bad posture?
Think of it like this.
What if we put a little crease in the can in the side
and then all of a sudden, we go for a run?
We’re putting three to 20 times the force
of our body weight down our body.
All of a sudden, the can very easily crumbles.
Don’t be that can.
What it results in is two really negative things.
Number one, it results in energy leakage
because our posture is not tight enough
to keep all the momentum going forward
as we are pedaling, as we are swimming, as we are running.
We’ve got energy leakage going out the side,
out the front, out the back
instead of just in the direction that we want to go,
so we are putting more energy
into basically just keeping ourselves
from moving side to side and all over the place
than we are going forward, so we are going slower.
Secondly and more importantly,
the more times we do this,
we go around, we move forward, we’re unstable,
the more times we’re gonna get injured flat out.
Here is how to figure out
if you have this problem with posture
that just about all triathletes with desk jobs have.
Number one, stand facing a mirror.
If you can see the backs of your hands
like you can see mine right now,
you are getting pulled forward because of a tight chest.
Number two, stand up against the wall.
Put your head against the back of the wall.
Put your shoulder blades on the wall.
And here is the tough part,
press the small of your back up against the wall
and get your forearms and the backs of your hands
flat against the wall.
Now if you feel tightness, you have a tight chest.
I feel so much tightness right now.
So if you work in a desk job,
if you stand in front of a mirror,
you can see the backs of your hands,
if you go up against the wall
and you feel a lot of tightness as you start opening up,
you have a tight chest, and here is how to fix it.
Number one, grab yourself a medicine ball or a basketball.
Put it in-between your shoulder blades.
Take your hands, cup ’em on the back of your head,
squeeze your elbows as tightly together as you can,
and then roll back and forth for two to three minutes.
Hey, Google.
Set an alarm for me in 120 seconds.
– Got it.
Your alarm is set for 6:10 p.m.
(light alarm music)
– All right, Google.
Turn off the alarm.
All right.
Now that we have opened up our upper back,
we got to open up the chest.
You open up the chest is lie face down, stick out one arm,
put your knees to the opposite side
of that arm that’s sticking out.
And then with the other hand,
press your palm into the ground
and hold this for two minutes.
Hey, Google.
Set an alarm for me in 120 seconds.
– There.
Your alarm is set for 6:13 p.m.
– Now don’t cheat this and only stretch for 30 seconds.
In order to actually elongate muscles,
you need to stretch for two minutes or more.
Those 30-second stretches that we used to do
when we were kids in elementary school,
essentially it does not.
Either dynamic stretches, moving and creating mobility,
or static stretches for two minutes or more.
Repeat that same thing on the other side.
Hey, Google.
Set an alarm for me in 120 seconds.
– Done.
Your alarm is set for 6:15 p.m.
(light alarm music)
– Hey, Google.
Turn off the alarm.
Now that our chest and our upper back are loosened up,
it’s time to really quickly create a little bit of mobility.
To create mobility in the chest,
we go back to the wall.
Remember, head, shoulder blades, lower back
pressed up against the wall.
Get the back of the forearms and the back of the palms
up against the wall.
Hold that.
And then 10 times slide up and down.
That’s created a lot of mobility in the chest.
Now for the back, go up to everyone’s favorite wall.
Put one foot up against it.
Hug that wall.
Put the other foot out.
And then (pants)
rotate. (pants)
This is gonna create lots of nice mobility
in the upper back.
Reach for it.
Make that stretch happen.
(sighs in relief)
That is it.
With that short 10-minute routine done,
anywhere from three to five times a week,
I would recommend doing it before a swim
because swim puts a lot of pressure
on your chest and upper back,
you can fix a lot of the issues
that are caused by being desk workers,
by being triathletes,
by being very forward-focused in what we do,
texting, typing, running, sitting in the aerobars.
That is a little teaser of what Erin Carson and I
are going to be doing in the strength training
for triathletes masterclass.
Pretty good stuff.
Hey, she is very efficient
with small little bits of strength work,
not hours and hours of strength work.
If you want to make sure that you know about those
when those strength training masterclasses come out,
hit the subscribe button below.
And if you already are subscribed,
you, to me, are like that feeling
after a really good stretching session.
Just like a wet noodle.
Later, trainiacs.

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These are ways you can monetise your hobbies

These are ways you can monetise your hobbies By 1
A new report by The World Poverty Clock shows Nigeria has overtaken India as the country with the most extremely poor people in the world. It is clear that this situation calls for an urgent intervention – and what better way to snag some extra cash than by working on a side hustle? You may ask yourself, “Do I have a life skill that I am currently only using in my free time?’’ If you play your cards right, there’s a chance that you can monetise it and turn some of your favorite pastimes into a viable income stream.
Here are a few things you can do: Cooking or baking
If you enjoy cooking, baking or anything of such nature, you have the potential to earn some cash. From starting a blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account dedicated to recipes, to diving head-first into a business by creating your own food or cooking products.
Another option is to promote yourself as a private chef, where you cook in other people’s homes. If you’re really ambitious, you could even try your hand at catering events. Social media has made this pretty easy and you can promote the business via your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Whatsapp stories. Writing
Writing and publishing online has the potential to offer you a lot of practical value outside of being a mere hobby. You can use it to further your career and establish yourself as an expert on a topic. You can build a platform for sharing your ideas. The most obvious way to make money from writing, however, is to sell it as a service. Freelancing on various sites and reaching out to blogs for gigs are some of the easiest ways to make money off writing. Blogging
Blogging is like a combination of writing, web development, marketing, relationship-building, and actually doing the activity you choose to focus on with the blog.
Once you start a blog, it can take a few months to get to the point of monetising it. Don’t focus on that aspect right away. Instead, focus on providing real value to your readers. That’s what will ultimately make your blog successful. Once you’ve built a platform you’re proud of, you can start forming affiliate partnerships or adding advertisements to help cover the costs of development, marketing, and your own time.
The great thing about blogging is that it gives you the flexibility to pursue the activities you’re really interested in. If you love travelling, start a blog about your trips and photos. If you love movies, start a movie review blog. If you’re into fitness, help people build nutrition and exercise plans for their lifestyles, etc. Driving
If you happen to enjoy cruising around behind the wheel, you might consider turning your love of driving into a moneymaking opportunity. With the advent of companies like Uber, Oga Taxi, Taxify and their many equivalents, now’s the perfect time to get in on the action. You can do a few trips even after your regular work and make some extra money for yourself. Childcare
If your home is the place where children love to gather and you enjoy entertaining and teaching them, your love of little ones could become a day job. Whether you start your own daycare or buy into a franchise business, the demand for quality childcare will remain strong as long as parents work away from home. Social Media
In this age of social media and its addiction, you can utilise your love for the various platforms and find a way to make extra cash for yourself, either through helping individuals and businesses manage their social media accounts or by being a paid influencer to comment and promote new products/services. Direct sales
If you love interacting with people, and learning about new products for fun, dabbling in direct sales could put more cash in your pocket. These days, there are a number of companies whose products you can sell at your own pace and on your own schedule. Find a line you can really stand behind, whether it’s fashion, skin care, or clothing, and start promoting its products at social gatherings, or even online. Better yet, recruit others to sell under you, and you’ll typically get a cut of their commissions as well. Playing an instrument
If you love playing the piano or guitar, you have several opportunities to monetise that talent. For starters, visit shops or restaurants and see if they’re interested in having you provide live music for customers. If they bite, they may not pay a spectacular wage, but you’ll have the potential to make quite a bit from tips. You can also offer your services as a wedding or party entertainer and if you can’t manage to get paid to play, teach others to do so. You’ll bring in some pretty cool cash as an in-home music instructor, especially if you land a big client. Animal Care
If you’re an animal lover by nature, you can turn your passion for pet care into an actual business opportunity. You can take somebody else’s dog for a walk, try pet sitting, or help to bathe them in exchange for payment. Photography
Love taking pictures? Why not get paid for it? If you’re really good, you can try getting hired as a wedding photographer, where you’ll earn quite a lot of money, as photography is a very lucrative endeavor now. Another option is to offer your services as a family photographer and provide in-home or outdoor sessions for those looking to capture some precious moments with their loved ones. Though you’ll probably need to invest in equipment to get your business off the ground, if you drum up a respectable client list, you’ll recoup that money and then some – in no time. Drawing/Painting
If you are a really good artist or painter, one easy source of income is to draw and paint during your free time. You can do this based on bookings, or at social gatherings where you gradually build your clientele. People who appreciate artworks are usually willing to pay anything to get a good one. Podcasts/Vlogs
Every day, more people are downloading and listening to podcasts and Vlogs. Take advantage of this trend by profiting from yours. The better it is, the more listeners and followers you will attract. When starting out, your audience will be small but you should take time to create awesome quality content that’s relevant and unique for your audience.
You can make money by selling your own branded merchandise. Popular podcasts/Vlogs also make money through sponsorships. Businesses see the potential of reaching the right people, so if your podcast fits a specific target audience, then you could be making just as much money.
Take The Football Ramble podcast for example, with its huge audience and influence. Betting company, Bet365 is the official partner of the show, as it can see the potential reach.
The final piece of advice is to treat your hobby like a job. If you want it to become your main source of revenue someday, or at least a sustainable second stream of income, then you have to give it the attention it deserves.
Carve out time to work on your hobby, read about the industry, learn about sales and marketing and dedicate yourself to steady improvement. This is how to achieve positive results. TAGS

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