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20 GAMES Yardzee. PERSONALIZED gift. Custom colors. Family or party games, wedding reception… All ages Yahtzee yard lawn dice. Yatzy

20 GAMES Yardzee. PERSONALIZED gift. Custom colors. Family or party games, wedding reception… All ages Yahtzee yard lawn dice. Yatzy

Not 1, not 2…but 20 of the World's Best Dice Games. Yes, 20 GAMES, including several for KIDS! Giant yahtzee, plus 19 more, -fun & engaging games for the great outdoors, or indoor (on a rug/carpet). EVERYTHING you need to play is included. (Check out the great reviews from other recent customers 🙂
Ships out in just 1 to 3 days.

Dice is one of the oldest types of games on record; dating back to the Egyptian era. Today our YARDZEE DELUXE is a modern and trendy game set = perfect for an instant party -a great icebreaker, and fun for all ages. You’ll enjoy ''unplugged entertainment'' designed to bring your loved ones together through play.

• Personalized container INCLUDED -no extra charge for your personalized name on front, PLUS you select your 2 favorite colors.
~~The white bucket is 15" inches tall X 11" inches wide across the top. It’s perfect and hilarious as your "jumbo dice tossing cup", & is must-have for any games using 3 or more dice. Easy to travel with & for storage -when not in play, ALL components fit compactly in the lidded container.


• 6 expertly handmade in the USA, wood dice, each size 3.5 X 3.5 inches. DRILLED DOTS & ROUNDED CORNERS & EDGES.
• 2 Yahtzee dry erase scorecards (for up to 16 players). Playing Instructions/strategies on backside of each of the 2 score sheets.
• 2 Farkle dry-erase scorecards, (for up 16 players!) Playing Instructions/strategies on backside. (You may ask- “What is Farkle?” This (rapidly growing in fame) game your Grandparents knew, -they likely called it “Ten Thousand”. ~Any name you call it, Farkle is a blast! 😀
• 20 GAMES INSTRUCTION BOOKLET -personalized (cover design matches your bucket). GAMES INCLUDED inside booklet are of course Yahtzee, and Farkle, (even though you do have the large laminated instructions for those). And in addition you’ll enjoy strategically-fun classics like “Ship Captain & Crew”, & several more. Seven of the 20 games are geared for kids.
• 2 large dry erase BLANK scorecards are also included; blank, for some of the games that are in the book -keeping score tallys, etc. And/or for simply for doodling on 🙂
• 5 dry erase markers included, in multiple colors. Erase previous scores with any cloth or napkin.

A note about OUR DICE DESIGN:
Pips (aka dots) are NOT simply painted on, nor wood burned ONTO the surface. Instead, each die's 21 pips are DRILLED to below the surface. (Inverted round dome shape- just like real casino dice!) WE DO THE FOLLOWING TO ENSURE PIPS NEVER FADE OR WEAR OFF WITH PLAY: ~~We use a special ROUNDED drill bit. Every pip is visually lined up perfectly, & is set below the surface, to a depth of approximately 3/8” deep. Then the painting of each pips is meticulously done by hand with a small paint brush & highly visable black enamel.
~~ BECAUSE EACH DICES’ EDGES & CORNERS ARE ROUNDED, this gives them an endearing handcrafted quality. Plus these rounded edges & corners make your dice ROLL BETTER, & more durable. *Just say “no” to boxy dice with sharp sides & corners, & dots that could wear down after extensive play. ~~LIFE TIME OF PLAY WITH OUR DELUXE SET.

You got a winner with this engaging/entertaining/easy-for-all abilities activity!
• Each player on a team takes a turn “at bat”.
• Guests will be impressed with the personalized bucket, including using colors that match your business/event/team/ or wedding colors.
• The size of the included booklet is perfect for page copying, for passing out (strategy/instructions) if desired. (Xerox or scan, & print on standard letter-size paper).

Yes! 7 games out of the 20 games are geared for them, ages 4 on up; games like- Oh Dear!, Going to Boston, Beetle aka Cooties…. (Even if you don’t have children, you will look forward to being around them & vice versa, if you have this with you).
DID YOU KNOW? In addition to the fun and bonding time that can be achieved, studies show kids can expect the following benefits.
• Dice games are educational, while at the same time being a stress-reliever!
• Dice games teach numbers and counting to little kids and mentally adding numbers to older kids.
• Dice games introduce kids to strategic thinking and planning.
• Dice games teach social skills such as taking turns. Plus they are FUN!

*** SOLO PLAY! ***
No competition around? Challenge yourself in solitaire; play and try to beat your previous score.
Each player on a team takes a turn “at bat”.

********** HOW TO CUSTOMIZE **********

Make note of your 2 color choices. See the middle pic -(3rd picture above).
Before adding to cart, you will be asked to select 2 color choices from the drop down menu.
FYI: the (Handcrafted in the USA…) graphic on the side of bucket, (as seen in 4th pic) will be composed of same 2 colors you select from the drop down menu. ~There's a dice icon on back, in black.

The front top half of bucket will say “Let the Good Times Roll”, (unless you tell us otherwise). However for the bottom half, you say whatever you like- (such as first and/or last names(s), or a couple's names, wedding / date, or a location name, business name, team name…) Example: "The Smiths", is all you need to tell us, (minus the quotation marks).
HOW? ~Provide your personalization, as just mentioned, in the ADD A NOTE area –located on the checkout page (where you’re taken to after you click “add to cart”). Easy-peasy; but just remember, in the “ADD A NOTE” box, on the checkout page, -tell us EXACTLY how you want your bucket bottom-half to read.

~~~OPTIONAL, TEXT ON BACK: would you like to include additional text on the LOWER BACKSIDE? (Underneath the dice icon on back, see pic above for example). Awesome, if so, let us know what you would like to say- on that lower BACK OF BUCKET. (Some examples that we’ve done in the past include: "Thank you for being in our wedding 6-19-2016" “Happy 16th Birthday, Love Dad”, “To Love & laughter, & happily ever-after!", “O’Connor Accounting Est. 2005”, “The Conrad clan sparkle while playing Farkle”, “Roll the dice, you might score a Yahtzee!”, “Live life outdoors!” …)

~A skilled graphic artist (with a degree in graphic design & 20 years design & customer experience) will be in charge of production. So if you would like something a little different, or have any questions/comments please let us know. Our customer's delightment is sincerely top priority around here.

Make Yardzee Deluxe your (fun & affordable) “FRIDAY NIGHT OUT”, "YAHTZEE PARTY", or "FAMILY GAME NIGHT".
EVERYTHING needed to play is included.

Click ADD TO CART now!

Again, let us know if you have any questions, otherwise we look forward to receiving & beginning production on your order.
It’s sincerely an honor & a pleasure,
Thank you,
Regina Rae

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20 GAMES Yardzee. PERSONALIZED gift. Custom colors. Family or party games, wedding reception… All ages Yahtzee yard lawn dice. Yatzy

20 GAMES Yardzee
20 GAMES Yardzee20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee 20 GAMES Yardzee
20 GAMES Yardzee, PERSONALIZED gift, Family or party games, wedding reception

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